Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break--hiking in the Smokeys

Today was our second day of Spring Break.  I woke up early and took Piper to her doctor's appointment.  It was the very first appointment of the day so we were in and out pretty quickly.  Because her boogers and coughing and off and on fever has lasted for so long they put her on an antibiotic.  They also said she was wheezing so we need to give her breathing treatments.  When I got home the kids and Mike were up and getting ready for the day.  Mike was making them green pancakes for breakfast.  After breakfast we ran to Target to drop of Piper's prescriptions and grab some water and snacks for our hike.  

We drove to the Smokey's for a gorgeous hike in the mountains.  It was the perfect day for hiking.  The hike was not a long one but it had parts where it was steep and I think it was the perfect hike for the kids.  Once we got to the falls we stopped to eat our snacks and the boys and Piper played in the freezing water.  

Our plan was to go out to eat tonight as a family but when it came down to it Piper had missed her nap and she was falling apart.  When she threw the tantrum of the century over wanting to change her clothes (again) into some polka dot undies and a sleeveless jacket, I told Mike that we probably would not have an enjoyable time at dinner and we should come up with something else to do.  The boys settled on going to get ice cream and eating at home with the promise of going out to eat on Saturday.

Piper went to bed.  Isaac started throwing up and Mike and the other two boys went to get ice cream, where they got attacked by mosquitoes.  Now, what I want to know is, why do we live in a place where mosquitoes are present for eight months of the year?!  And also, can someone please tell me why my family has not had one single week since the beginning of December where we have all be healthy.  Not one.  I really thought that after the two boys had finished their puking on Sunday afternoon that we were going to be clear of the pukies.  Also, I'm starting to get Piper's ickies.  Sore throat, sinus pressure, and drainage.  My have been taking Airborne and doing a nasal irrigating thingy for the last couple of days in hopes that I won't get worse.  We have a lot of fun things still planned for our Spring Break so I really hope the sickness can stop!!


The Duke said...

They really are mountains! It looks very beautiful there. I've always wanted to see the Smokey Mts. I'm glad you got hike but sorry that Isaac threw up. Shoot! You'd think that nice fresh air would do them good.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Your pictures look amazing! They are so clear and colorful. Sorry you are dealing with sickness still.