Sunday, March 22, 2015

She is loved

The most tender thing for me to see is Piper being loved by her brothers.  Each of these boys love Piper so much and tenderly take care of her when she is sick or sad.  Some days I cry about Laila being gone and Piper not having a sister.  It makes me feel so sad for her that she will never know what it's like to have a sister relationship.  I worry that because the boys are so much older than her she will be lonely and feel like an only child.  Just when I begin to feel really sorrowful about what we are lacking the Lord blesses me to witness these tender interactions between Piper and her brothers.  I feel comforted that even if our family isn't the way I had envisioned, it is beautiful and joyful and He will provide opportunities for me to see that we are taken care of and loved.  
Eli gives Piper her breathing treatment

Will plays starfall with Piper

Isaac reads to Piper and sings to her

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The Duke said...

So sweet..... love those kids to death.