Monday, March 02, 2015

Funnies from Piper

Eli is teasing her with a robotic dinosaur...she is scared in this picture that it will get her.

 It seems like I am always talking about this little girl.  Our family is completely bewitched by her.  I can't believe how much power one little girl can have over us.  Recently she has had us all laughing with her funny phrases and attitude.  She always wants a bath or a shower.  The recent conversation went like this:
Piper:  I take bath?
Mom:  Not tonight.
Piper:  Awwww....Meanies!

She calls us Meanies a lot.  Anytime she doesn't get to do something she wants she calls us a Meanie.  Sometimes she will just call us Meanies because she thinks it's hilarious.  

Also, she says "probably" in most of her sentences.  "It's probably dark in there."  "I probably need my blankie."  "Probably I need to watch a show."  "Probably it's snowing outside."  When she says probably it sounds like, "Probly."

Last week Piper would not go to bed.  It was 11:30 and we finally just let her cry herself to sleep because we were so fed up with going into her.  We finally realized why she was crying.  See, Piper is not accustomed to having hair.  Her bangs are finally long enough to get into her eyes and she always pulls her hair up to look at it with a quizzical look like, "What is this?"  She kept crying and we would go into her to see what was wrong and she kept swatting at her hair that was tickling her ears and saying, "Biders get me!"  or "cary ladybugs!"  She was certain that her hair wasn't hair at all but spiders and ladybugs attacking her.

Yesterday I came down stairs all ready to go to church and Piper said, "You pretty Mom?"  I said, "I don't know, am I?"  She said, "Yes.  I be a princess too?"  I said, "Of course" to which she responded, "Ok.  I go get my dress from my room."

The other thing I love about Piper is when she says, "Where's my Eli (or Isaac, Mike or Will)?"  Everyone is MY Eli or MY Isaac.

She is so much fun right now.  I love, love watching her personality come out.  She is kind and helpful, happy and obedient, energetic and curious.

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Jen said...

What a fun girl!