Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First Day of Spring Break

Our first day of Spring Break was great.  Saturday and Sunday we had puking kids and Piper has been sick for over a week so I was worried our Spring Break was just going to be a bunch of suffering and sad kiddos.  Monday morning they all seemed better.  Will and Eli were done puking but Sunday afternoon and Piper was stuffy but seemed happy.  We headed to the Knoxville Zoo for our first time.  It is a great little zoo, super close to our house.  The kids all loved it.  After about an hour and a half though Piper ended up getting pretty sad.  She fell asleep in the stroller which never happens and I knew she must be feeling miserable again.  I called the doctor to set up an appointment on our way home from the zoo.  They said they could get her in early the next day.  

 After coming home and having lunch the boys cleaned more of the yard from their fort mess while Piper slept.  It wasn't long before they were in swimming trunks and spraying each other down with the hose.  When Piper woke up and saw them all in their swimming trunks she got jealous and insisted on getting in her swimming suit.  As a side note, it really wasn't warm enough for swimming garb in my opinion.  It was a super nice day--75--and felt nice and warm but that is not warm enough in my opinion for playing in the water.  Crazy kids.  I HAD to take this picture of Eli and Piper sharing the hose for a drink though.  I love how these boys love their little sister.
After dinner we got the fire pit set up and roasted marshmallows.  Once the kids went to bed and it was dark, Mike and I sat outside by the still burning embers and read scriptures.  It was a perfect ending to the day.  

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chelsey said...

You're so good at capturing the daily moments of life that will bring great memories for years to come. I need to follow your example! Love your posts. Makes me miss having your family around..:(