Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Spring Day

Spring is here!  Everyone has told me I will LOVE a Tennessee spring and so far they are right.  All that rain is bringing the most beautiful flowers.  One of my favorite plants in my yard was our hydrangea bush by my front porch.  I was pretty sad to leave it behind.  Happily, we have a climbing hydrangea bush in the backyard and a couple of bushes along the fence.  They are not ready to bloom yet but I can see the smallest buds popping out.  I also see buds on the rose bushes in the backyard and a couple of other bushes.  My backyard is going to be amazing in a couple of weeks!  In the meantime, I love walking out of my door and seeing this beautiful tree.  It pretty much has a swarm of bees around it all afternoon but I can't help but think of the song "Popcorn Popping" every time I see it.  
 When we moved here there was this great big area right by the front door with big bushes of beautiful blue flowers.  When winter came we were left with a bunch of bare sticks and one day I looked over to see this white clump among all the sticks.  I thought it was litter and went to inspect only to find this funny little sculpture hiding among the bushes!  It has been hiding all summer and fall and I never saw it until the leaves and flowers fell off.  I tried cleaning the area up a bit and had to grab a picture of my little sculpture!
 I snapped a couple more pictures of the pretty spring flowers in my yard

 Pretty much every tree and bush in my yard has a bird's nest. You an barely see the nest in this picture
Eli and Piper have been making beautiful artwork on my front steps.  I love Eli's drawing lately.  
 Piper, Mike and I went for a walk this morning because the weather was gorgeous.  Piper had to wear her tutu, her blue polka dot socks, sparkly red shoes, and winter hat.  She is such a princess.  I love it.
 We regularly see snails on our walks.  This particular one is double the size of the ones we usually see.  They are usually so tiny.

 I love all the snail paths that shimmer in the morning sun.

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