Sunday, March 08, 2015

A little light reading

I'm sitting here thinking about this week and having a hard time remembering all that went on this week.  We had a "snow day" that turned into one hour of ice showers and then nothing the rest of the day.  I am pretty sure it was our last snow day before they begin to make us stay in school longer.  We reached 10 days for snow days!  Crazy.  Most of those happened in the last two weeks and then we had the one this week.  

I decided that I better get my room painted.  It is a big room and I didn't want to do it but I am a very impatient person and once I get an idea to do something I have a hard time not just jumping in and getting it done.  I hate having it hanging over my head.  I love, love the color.  I tried really hard to get rid of our $10 black and metallic gold trimmed dresser that we got when we first got married but no one wants it!!  It's pretty awesome.  I thought I had found someone to take it off our hands and I sent Mike a text that said, "I got rid of your black dresser today.  Looks like we need to start looking for a new one."  He told me he was impressed with my tough negotiation skills.  I was excited to get some new furniture that actually seemed like it fit together.  But then when people actually saw what the dresser looked like....they all said it was that it was too long and wouldn't fit in their house but I'm pretty sure that was a nice way of saying, "Who would own such an ugly thing?"  My response is, "The same person who only had to spend $10 for it when the only other piece of furniture they owned was a blow up couch."  It's a perfectly good dresser and we don't really NEED to buy a new one.  But I want a new one.  We talked it over and I decided that I can be a little more patient and first buy night stands and then a dresser and someday we might have a headboard.  I get an allotted amount of money each month and it doesn't cover two night stands, a dresser, and a headboard.  It won't even cover both night stands.  Ha, ha.  So, anyway, a couple of months of saving and hopefully I can have some bedroom furniture.  
 I had to take this picture because it is rare that you see these mountains from my house.  One day, after months of living here, I said to Mike, "Look, it's clear enough that you can see the mountains from our house."  He said, "What are you talking about?  There are no mountains here."  He was surprised to see them when I pointed them out.

That is how frequently we have clear skies here.

That is probably an exaggeration but really it hasn't been very clear here lately.  When it is clear it is pretty smokey.  Hence, the Smokey Mountains.

It is supposed to rain the entire week and I am just crossing my fingers that it will be clear for Spring Break the following week.  I was outside today in the back yard and noticed all the fence posts covered in pale green lichens.  Moss grows freely on all the lawns and between the cracks.  It's one of those interesting juxtapositions for me:  It is so cloudy and wet here so frequently and that is often gloomy to me, but then I also love the product of that wetness.  When I walk out of my back door I feel as though I've stepped into a nature preserve--the forest backing up to our yard is so full of life (we even see owls in the trees!).

Mike did, however, buy me a sun lamp.

 Mike has been swamped with school and I confess that I am not as supportive a wife as I should be.  I try to be but I often to complain to him about how he is using his time.  He gets confused sometimes about what I want from him and I think I'm confused half the time about what I want from him.  He tries so hard to balance all the demands on his time and he does so well at putting the most important things first and I feel badly when I complain and demand more of him than he can/should give.  That said, we haven't been cutting a lot out lately so he can focus more on his school work.  We did cut out four Eastertivities this weekend and also cut out this cute little robot name doodle.

 Since we are talking about Mike, I have a note to write to him:

Dear Michael,

I'm sure when we die our kids will have funny things that they remember about each of us.  I can just imagine them sitting around after my funeral and saying, "Remember how embarrassing Mom was when she would just randomly bust out ridiculous dance moves?"

Today at dinner Will said, "I have questions that I don't want to ask because I know what you will say when I ask it."  We chuckled and you said, "Go get the dictionary.  I'll look the meaning up for you."  I think I ought to add the Dictionary to the list of things that need to be set out along with the plates and cups.

Tonight I went to put Piper to bed and when I came down the stairs you were still sitting at the table, alone.  That isn't too odd.  You are a slow eater and often finish your meal quietly by yourself.  What was funny to me was that you were just sitting there as if nothing was amiss, reading your faded red dictionary.

You know, just a bit of light reading.

I hope we die together or selfishly, I hope I die first.  But if I don't and you beat me to it, I'll always fondly remember you and your dictionary.


Your Wife
  1. a married woman considered in relation to her spouse.


Nancy said...

Love this post! My mom has a red dictionary with tabs just like that one that she got for her 16th birthday. It was used as the official dictionary for many a scrabble game growing up in my family. Reading the dictionary before bed has been a hobby of mine for awhile and I used to quiz Lance on words when we were first married. This summer while I was living with my parents, there was a night that my mom and I were in her big tempurpedic bed eating dark chocolate and reading the dictionary together like a couple of roommates. Good times.

chelsey said...

That's awesome. Sounds like something my kids would love to do. I need a red dictionary now. We had one growing up...wonder if mom and dad still have it??