Sunday, February 08, 2015

Officially the end of the basketball seaon

You know, I sit down to write these posts and the first thing that comes to mind to write is, "This week has been busy" but then I realize that I probably wrote that same phrase last week and the week before and the one before that as well.  Life just really is busy!  

I went to the doctor for my hives and he concluded that I wasn't allergic to anything except for ragweed and that wasn't causing the hives.  He said that most of the time you don't even know what is the cause of the hives but quite often it is from an infection.  So, his best guess was that the respiratory infection I had in December was the cause of my hives.  He put me on Zyrtec twice a day for two months and then once a day for a month at which point I will stop taking the medicine and see if the hives come back.  The hives were seriously so bad.  I've had rashes before but nothing like this.  It was horrible.  I'm so thankful to not have them anymore!

Isaac got better from all his sicknesses and then we had two germ free days followed by Eli waking up on Tuesday with pink eye.  He stayed home the rest of the week.  He was pretty bored so I had to get creative in coming up with things to keep him entertained so he didn't play the computer all day.  We ended up canceling on the babysitter for date night as well as cancelling a play date.  It was pretty frustrating.  I honestly think that all the sickness, which has been constant since the beginning of December, has really taken it's toll on me.  It has been the longest germ filled winter we've ever had and I honestly had to hold back the tears at the end of the week when Eli didn't get better in time for our outing with friends or for our date night.  Anyway, as of yesterday morning no one had any fevers, pink eye, coughs, earaches, hives, or anything else.  I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of us don't suddenly wake up with pink eye this week.  If you are sick of reading post after post about sickness, imagine how we feel!  

Saturday was officially our last day of basketball games.  We had four games to attend again.  Isaac's team made it into the championships.  They won their first game but lost the second game, taking second place in the league.  They were pretty disappointed but we all went out for pizza together following the game and by the time we finished lunch they had all forgotten the loss.  I feel so grateful that Isaac had the chance to be on this team.  The boys on the team were so kind and happy and come from such good families.  I couldn't imagine a better group of little boys for Isaac to spend his time with on a weekly basis.  I feel so thankful for the coach and the calm way in which he taught the boys.  It was just so pleasant to watch them each week with their good attitudes and happy spirits. I was really sad when the season ended and Isaac wouldn't have the chance to hang out with these boys still on a regular basis.  These are the types of kids I've wanted him to make friends with.  

Will had a different experience this season.  His team was less than ideal.  What I really was proud of though was when one of the mom's came up to Will and said, "Will, can I take you home with me?  You are just so pleasant and happy all the time!"  It is true.  I wish I had taken a video of him playing because he literally had a smile on his face the entire duration of the game.  He just loved playing and didn't allow himself to get caught up in the bad attitudes of his teammates or become disappointed by all the games lost.  On Saturday his team lost their fist game but won their second game and I was so grateful that he got to end his season with a win!  They won three games the entire season.  Will has gotten to be a good little defender and he drew a foul at one point and got to shoot his first free throws.  He was so nervous and so excited at the same time.  He kept telling everyone after his game, "I got to do my first free throw."  Both boys have decided they want to play again next year so I need to find them some basketball camps to go to so that they can improve before next try-outs.
 We had a break between Isaac's two games but not enough time to go home so Mike surprised the boys with a trip to Krispy Kreme doughnuts

 Isaac biffed it coming up the stairs on the bleachers during Will's game and got a nice bruise on his face and nose.

 Besides the games, practices, and sickness, I've had a lot going on for my calling as well as a lot for the business.  I always wonder how I am going to accomplish all I need to accomplish and then somehow it gets done and I know that is only possible with help from the Lord.  I still struggle to find the time or motivation to exercise and lose weight and my house has really suffered lately but I find that I am generally satisfied each night when I think over my productivity during the day.

Mike wants to add his two cents to this post.  He has been working like crazy lately.  School work and the business are taking over every bit of free time.  He is such a hard worker.  He had a birthday this past week and I was too busy to do anything for his birthday.  I felt pretty bad about it but he was a good sport and says he doesn't even care.  The boys want to have a minecraft party for him so I think I'll see what I can come up with but I'm not sure when we will celebrate because he is worried about not having time for the party with all his assignments.  I was really thankful for him this weekend.  He has four assignments to finish and doesn't do homework ever on Sunday.  I know he was worried about finishing them but he went to every single basketball game on Saturday and even went to get pizza with us.  He gave the boys his full attention.  I'm so thankful for a husband who knows where his priorities should be and who believes that if he puts his family first, the Lord will help in the other areas of his life.

I love my little family.

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