Thursday, February 12, 2015

Little Designers

One of our hopes in starting our business was to provide the opportunity for our boys to have a job, eventually.  We thought perhaps we could teach them how to do some of the work and it could be a great way to help them earn money for their missions.  We have three boys to help get on missions and I am a huge, huge believer in missionaries paying for their missions.  I have no idea where this business will take us and if it will ever be profitable enough to do more than pay ourselves back for the machine we bought.  I hope so, but who knows?

Even if we never do any more than what we are currently doing, it's been a good growing experience for our family.  I've seen so many positive things come from this risk we've taken.  One of the awesome things that has come from this experience is watching the boys get so excited and use their creative juices.

I've talked about the school being totally ridiculous and this is a perfect example:  Will was in class during Math instruction.  The teacher gave the class time to work on some problems.  Will finished his problems early and decided to quietly wait for the teacher to give further instruction.  He pulled out his pencil and paper and drew an idea for something we could cut out.  He got tattled on for drawing and his teacher yelled at him telling him that was not an appropriate way to spend his time and marked his planner down.  Seriously so stupid.  Anyway, I think it's so funny and annoying that he got in trouble for drawing.  But it's cool that he was drawing up ideas for our business.

Two nights ago all three boys came down stairs with sketch pads and pencils to show us their sketches for new products.  They were so cute and actually had some really great ideas that Mike and I will try to incorporate.

Finally, Eli was home all week with pink eye last week.  I was working on a sketch for a new product.  It's a dragon shooting flames out of his mouth and the textured background is flames.  (similar to my whale idea but instead of swirls, flames).  Eli sat down next to me and worked on his own dragon and flames.  I had to take pictures because I wanted to remember that cute moment where he sat by me working on his masterpiece.

It is really rewarding for me to create something someone might want in their home.  It's also really rewarding to work along side Mike and the boys.  It's pretty awesome.


Jess Clark said...

You should sell things like that whale. Totally unique and fun.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Jess, we are selling them! They are in our store (both on our website and the Etsy shop). I think the whale might be my favorite.

The Duke said...

I just saw this post! I love the whale. It's really clever. And I had no idea that Eli could draw so well.... takes after his mommy.