Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another week, another sick post

Alright, so let's talk for a minute.  How many weeks have I written about sickness?  I can't even remember.  It's been a long, long time.  Since the beginning of December our family hasn't attended church together more than twice.  In the last week alone we have had three kids with earaches, one kid get the flu, Mike with a fever and sinus junk, Isaac with a respiratory virus (not the flu) and pink eye (on top of his earache), and myself, an itchy, welty mess.  Eli is the one person in our house who has not gotten sick.  His turn was in December when he was sick for weeks and got the rest of us sick.  Poor Isaac is miserable.  He's missed eight days of school so far and is going to miss more due to fevers and his pink eye.  He is bored and sick and sad.  I am not too happy about it all either.  I've made trip after trip to the doctor with sick kids.  The only time I am not itchy like a mad person is when I am asleep but falling asleep is difficult because I'm itching so bad.  The welts are everywhere on my body from my ears to my toes.  My palms and bottoms of my feet have swelled.  My chin, my sides, my bum, every spot of skin has had hot, red welts on them.  It's been a week and a half and I can barely stand it anymore.  Tomorrow I am heading to the allergist and it can't come quickly enough.  I tried to plead my itchy case to them this morning, begging to know if anyone had canceled an appointment so I could get in soon.  No luck.  I'll just keep itching away until tomorrow when I will get my itchy butt to the doctor as soon as I can.  

I can hardly keep Piper away from Isaac.  She feels sad for him and wants to share her blankets and give him kisses and hugs.  He's got his own eye wiping rag so as not to infect the rest of us.  We've washed hands a billion and one times.  So far, the flu has not passed to anyone else and neither has the pink eye.  I'm grateful and surprised.  

 This week school had a two hour delay.  This is all the snow that is required to make that happen here in Tennessee.  It's pretty cold here but today it's cold and sunny and I'll take that over cold and grey any day!

 This weekend Isaac woke up and said he still wasn't feeling well so we texted his coach and told him that Isaac wasn't feeling well enough to play because of his sinus junk and earache.  He went downstairs and returned a few minutes later suddenly feeling just fine, reminding  us that his teacher Sister Roe was coming to watch him play.  He had two games (as did Will) and they won the first game.  Isaac even made a basket!  His team played a second game and they lost in overtime.  It was such a close game.  It was their first game lost.  After making the basket in his first game Isaac said, "I wish Sister Roe was there to see me make the basket."  Brother and Sister Roe came to his second game and Isaac was so happy she came!  Sister Roe is such a sweet lady and she has made Isaac, and all the boys in his church class, feel so loved and cared about.  She sends cards in the mail on holidays, attends their games, goes to their baptisms, goes to pack meetings, etc.  She is such a good example to me of how effective a teacher can be in a child's life.  She is in her seventies (I think) and Isaac is just eight but it doesn't matter what the space in age or the circumstances in their lives, she has made a connection with him and I will always be so grateful that she magnifies her calling.

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