Friday, December 12, 2014

Post Script

Since writing my last post the Secret Santa fun has continued.  Today Mike found a paper with four of the same coupons typed on them.  They said,

Use this coupon to make Dad do 30 minutes of your chores.
From, Your Secret Santa

We laughed about this one this morning.  I love how he is dishing out service opportunities for other people.  I have been thinking about chores I want Mike to do, two hours of chores no less!

This morning I had my first opportunity to use one when Piper pooped in her bath this morning.  Eeww!  He generously put on gloves and bleached the tub.  I could get used to this.

(He actually offered to clean it up before I jokingly told him I was going to use one of my coupons for this nasty chore.  He's a good one, that husband of mine)

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Nancy, I actually really laughed out loud at your comment. That is pretty funny. If you were a fly on our wall you would see pretty quickly that I am a work in progress, that's for sure. I am better than I used to be when Will was little. Being a mother did not come naturally for me. I just think I was pretty lucky when I got to have the kids I have. They make my job much easier. I wonder how it will be when they are teenagers! That might be pretty scary.