Friday, December 26, 2014

A sick, but happy Christmas

We are in Maryland visiting family for the Christmas break.  A large portion of our trip so far has consisted of us being sick.  Eli was sick before we came (coughing, fever) and he passed it on to me.  We got here and then Will started feeling ill.  He got a low grade fever the day before Christmas Eve.  That night he woke up with a fever of 103 so on Christmas Eve I took him to urgent care.  We spent three hours at urgent care but were able to get some medicine for his sore throat and cough.  When we got home I began to feel sick to my stomach and spent the remainder of the night laying on the floor by the toilet hoping to throw up.  The next day, Christmas, I spent in bed and laying on the couch with the same tummy ache.  Thankfully, today I am feeling much better.  

Aside from the sickness, I think everyone is having a great time so far.  The boys have enjoyed playing with their cousins and having a Harry Potter marathon.  They loved their Christmas presents and seemed genuinely pleased with everything.  Piper was giddy about her princess dress, new doll from Grandma, and her other toys.  It has rained for the majority of our time here thus far but today it was a really nice, sunny day so we took the kids to a nearby park and we played basketball.  Also, Grandpa is taking each of the boys out separately for a trip to 7-11 so they can each get a slurpee.  They have loved that.  Tomorrow we are heading to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and I think the boys and Piper are looking forward to playing in the hot tub.
Grandma Richards knows we eat pizza for Christmas dinner so she made pizza for the kids

Austin had strep throat and Will had a fever so we made them wear masks

Christmas Eve night we read The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

The boys each got photo books of pictures of them and Laila and Piper got a story book about sisters

The kids put out food for the reindeer and left milk and cookies for Santa.  Charlie tried to eat the food

The kids loved their presents Christmas morning

This describes the way I felt Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day.

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