Monday, November 03, 2014


Halloween is over.  I really enjoy Halloween so it's sort of sad that it's over for another year.  I always talk about how I don't like the creepy decorations and this year was no different but thankfully for the boys, our neighbors do not have the same feelings about Halloween decorations.  They love the creepy (or "ceepy" as Piper calls them) and gruesome decorations and their entire yard is covered.  They put up these tarps to hide half of the decorations on their porch and then that morning unveil it.  They have music and lights and a fog machine.  Every day the entire month of October we would see them outside adding something new to their yard.  They spent hours outside and would place something and then the next day come out and move it somewhere else.  The boys (and Piper) would come home from school and sit outside by the curb and just watch them put out something else creepy.  So, I guess the boys got their wish this year.  I just tried to ignore it all and let the kids enjoy it.  

 This year was supposed to be a nice, mild Halloween but the day was cold and got colder as the day went on.  By 5 it was already starting to rain and it was so early for trick-or-treating but we wanted the kids to get to go before it started to pour.  They lasted about an hour, hour and a half and then we came home and had homemade chili.  The younger boys stayed home and helped Mike hand out candy while Will and his friend when out again to two more streets.  By then it was pouring rain and I was freezing so we made them stop.  The boys all went over to their friend's house and watched a movie and ate some of their candy.  The rain eventually turned to snow, though none of it stuck except in the mountains.

(Some random pictures that got inserted in the wrong spot:)
 It's pretty awesome that almost all of the pictures I post on here are taken just minutes/miles from my house.  My backyard has a forest behind it and this church is on the other side of the forest.
 The two younger boys were not very interested in carving pumpkins this year but Will really wanted to.  He chose a design and then he and I (with the help of Piper) scooped seeds and carved the pumpkin.  The other two boys went to their friend's house so it was a nice opportunity for me to spend some one on one time with Will.

 He is such a good brother to Piper.
 These pictures are all out of order.  Here is Piper in her costume ready to knock on doors.
 I was a  cat, Mike cheese, and Piper a mouse.  I don't usually dress up so this was good for me.
 This weekend Isaac had a book report project to do.  He made the cutest little penguins.

 Another out of order picture:
That's it for now.  I have a lot to write about but I don't have time so I'll have to write more later.

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