Saturday, November 29, 2014

Decking the Halls

I'm never in a huge hurry to get the decorations up but I'm always happy once they all get up.  This year Will was so excited about putting up the tree.  He got started putting the tree up all by himself and was disappointed when I told him it was too late to decorate and he would have to wait until the next morning.  It is fun to see him getting so festive and excited.  Last year Piper was very interested in the tree and pulled down quite a few decorations but this time she is obsessed.  It is pretty obnoxious and I have to keep a pretty close eye on her.  This though, was precious:
 She is looking at the decoration of Laila (the one pictured later in the post).  She grabbed it and said, "It's my sister!"  And then she carried it around the house for the remainder of the night.

I've gotten up all the decorations I think I will worry about this year.  I need to find a good place for our Nativity but besides that, it's all up.
I cut that deer head out.  It was smaller than my sister wanted so I kept it and I'll cut out a bigger one for her.
 We have two trees.  One is our Christ-Centered tree and it just makes me so happy.  It isn't decorated perfectly by any means--I'm sure it needs ribbon or something like that--but I love it.  A large portion of the decorations on that tree remind me of Laila or the families we choose each year for our Christ-Centered Christmas Dinner.  It brings back such wonderful memories for me so I love it.

This could probably use some greenery or something...

 Our other Christmas tree is just a fun, whimsical one.  The boys love to decorate this tree.  It mostly has an animal/dinosaur theme to it.  Every year at least one of them chooses a dinosaur.  I've tried to suggest other things like a robot or a basketball or something but they usually go with a dog, bird, or dinosaur.  It's a fun tree and they love it.  We put colored lights on it because colored lights are much more fun.

I'm glad the decorations are up, especially since we are leaving town for Christmas and won't have as much time to enjoy them!


Papa Doc said...

The comment about Piper holding he orniment depicting "my sister" is one of the most Christmas type of things I have ever seen. It made tears come to my eyes, I will have to admit. Thank you for sharing such a thing.

Dad Clark

Papa Doc said...

It's all very beautiful. I LOVE the picture of Piper looking at Laila's decoration. It made me want to cry it is so sweet.