Friday, October 10, 2014

Wild and beautiful

Tennessee is so wild.  I keep saying that but really, it's amazing to me.  I have never really lived in the south--I imagine it is more wild the more south you go.  It's just so interesting to me to see all the wild flowers, grasses, trees, weeds, etc that grow here, not to mention all the bugs of course.  I took most of these pictures at a greenway near my house--across from a golf course--so it is less wild and more kept and mowed.  There are fields here that are just covered in vines.  The vines take over like crazy weeds and you see trees that are just completely covered in vines.  The vines move on to the telephone poles and cover those as well.  (I did make the colors pop a little more in these pictures than the original so things aren't all exactly this green and red.  But I didn't do much to change the color vibrancy)

 The other day is rained a lot--it rains a lot here, by the way--but in the evening the clouds started to move on out and left the sky with awesome views.  I remember being a little girl in Indiana and seeing the huge, majestic thunder clouds and thinking they were so awesome.  These were like that and I'm glad I got a couple of pictures of them.

 Finally, most mornings are "smoky" here.  It's pretty fun and beautiful.  It's not the bright, crisp skies you find in Colorado but beautiful in it's own way.  Here the smoke is almost gone but I was able to catch just a little bit over the houses.  It's fun to live in a new place and get to experience such different things.
Finally, I'm learning how to clone.  You can see my attempt below:  In the top you see the pole, in the bottom you don't.

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The Duke said...

These are really nice. I especially like the one with the tree in front of the white fence. Gorgeous.
Of course, Piper is pretty gorgeous, too.