Monday, October 06, 2014

Playing with Piper

 Just playing dress-up with the babes.  My first selfie is awesome:  no make-up, big pores, no visible eyelashes or eyebrows, bed head, deep wrinkles around the eyes.  But from the words of Will:  I love you because, who could-nit?  I am working on accepting myself.

Aren't we all?

Sometimes I am happy with the progress I am making at becoming a good mom, wife, friend, and woman.  Other times I have to be kinder to myself.

But, I think I'm most beautiful when I love on these kids of mine.  
And this particular baby gets into a lot of messes.  She says over and over, "You sit in," while patting the seat next to her.  She loves to have us near her.  And if we aren't near her, well, then we can find her into all kinds of things.  A few months ago she bit into a stool softener.  We caught her just as she bit into it.  She promptly threw up.  Today I found her with about six Tums in her mouth, two in her hands, and a pile on her bedroom floor.  I never had to baby proof with the boys.  They usually stayed out of drawers and cupboards.  I worried more about them putting metal things in the microwave and climbing too high or going out the front door when I wasn't looking.  Nothing is safe from this girl though.  She is interested in every drawer, every cupboard, every closet.

She's a curious one, this Piper.

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Crystal Copeland said...

This post is about Hayley, right? You described her to a tee! She will pay the ground also and say "here you go mom" like she was saving me a seat. Also, into everything the same way making messes & eating things that don't belong in her mouth. I never baby proofed for my boys either. *sigh* the joy of having a little princess, huh?