Thursday, October 02, 2014

Halloween...and some other stuff

 It's October!  I think it is going to be a very different fall and winter for us this year than last.  Today the high is 87 but by the end of the week our high is only 60.  The leaves are starting to change and falling from the trees already.  We wake up to foggy mornings that clear up by the end of the day for the most part.  The mosquitoes continue to be incredibly obnoxious.  Are you tired of hearing about them yet?

I am tired of getting bitten by them.

 The boys could not wait for me to pull out the Halloween decorations.  I worked on them for a bit and thought the boys would be happy but they want creepy!  Big!  Spooky!  My bat print and snake wreath are not sufficient.

I told them I was willing to spend a small amount of money on some decorations.  Will says he needs some time to browse Amazon before they decide.  I told them that they could do creepy but not gross and not deathly and gruesome.  They are leaning towards some glow-in-the dark eyes you can plug in and hide in your bushes.  Also, perhaps some big cat eye things you put in your windows.  They really want some headstones and dangling skeletons.  I don't believe either of those will happen.  The spiders here are doing a great job at helping us decorate outside.  It's pretty cool that something so icky can create such masterful webs.  
In other news, our family is seriously considering Homeschooling.  There are just so many issues that I dislike about the school here.  I have talked to numerous people who have all said that all the public schools here are similar and the private schools are crazy expensive.  I still need to so some more research about the private schools and their prices and availability but it looks like we are starting to lean towards homeschooling.  Mike is pretty convinced by it.  I am not.  He will be at work or school most of the day and I will be the one doing it and trying to manage it.  It's a huge change.  Anyway, I don't really want to talk about all the thoughts and details right now because it might not happen and I have too many thoughts I am not sure about right now to actually write here.

Also, we are starting a business.

Homeschooling.  Business.  No big deal, right?  Certainly no big deal to start both at the same time.

I've got this.


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