Thursday, October 30, 2014

Capturing the non-napper

Piper is getting teeth which means she isn't really napping well and she isn't sleeping too well at night either.  She has had a fever off and on but nothing too high, just enough to knock her down a couple notches on the happiness scale and make her much more prone to tantrums.  It's been lovely.  

Anyway, she loves to be outside so we have spent time outside while the weather stays nice for just a little bit longer (it is supposed to rain/snow this weekend).  Being outside brings the most smiles from her out of any other activity.  I took my chance to let her play and take photos of her.  I don't have many of her sister so I like to take pictures of Piper when ever I can.  She is such a cute girl and I'm amazed she looked at the camera because she usually just turns her head or refuses to look towards me.  I think I was able to get some cute ones of her.  She is one month away from being two years old!  I just can't believe it.  She is so grown up now and talking up a storm.  I love her to pieces.  

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