Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sue Larsen

One of my favorite people in the world is a wonderful lady named Sue Larsen.  I got assigned to visit her when I first moved to Colorado.  She greeted me at her door with a Halloween gift.  I felt silly since I was her visiting teacher and she was already giving me gifts.  From that point on she continued to keep giving--her friendship, her love, her faith, her positive outlook, her encouragement.  I was assigned to visit her a few weeks after Laila passed away.  One month I showed up and my partner wasn't able to come so Sue and I sat in her living room and talked for hours.  She shared with me some personal experiences from her life that tried her and helped to develop her into the empathetic, wonderful woman she is today.  Hearing her stories and knowing the kind of woman she is increased my faith and determination.  She inspired me and encouraged me to have faith in my own trials.  

A year or so later the presidency reassigned her to someone else.  I was so sad but Sue called up the presidency and told them that she needed to be put back on my list and that she loved me and we needed each other.  Sue was put back on my list before the month was up!  

This week Sue has been on my mind a lot.  I even had a dream about her one night.  It's been a difficult month for her and I'm sad I'm not there to give her a big hug.  I woke up on Thursday morning and I had this image in my mind:  I saw myself driving up to her white house with the green trim and the rose bushes under her windows.  I saw her open her door with her cheerful smile and light flooding through her house.  Then I walked in and sat down on her couch and saw her fall decorations above her cabinets and I just felt happy and comfortable.  Mainly, I felt warmth.  I felt surrounded by the light of my friend, her welcoming home, and the sunshine streaming in through the windows.  It was such a sweet image that I got teary eyed thinking about it.  

Sue will kill me if she reads this blog and sees these pictures but I don't think she reads this blog so hopefully she won't be embarrassed.  I just wanted to post these two pictures so you could all see what a beautiful woman she is.  The first one is not flattering to either of us but it happened when Will was trying to take a picture and something silly happened and we were both caught off guard.  She started laughing and looking at this picture I can almost hear her laugh and remember that moment perfectly.  I love and miss her!

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