Saturday, September 06, 2014

Redhead Day

Well, this is the most random thing but I happened to discover that in Denmark on the first weekend of September they celebrate redheads by having a Dutch summer festival called Redhead Day.  Well, it just so happens that I have two redheads and a husband with a red beard and plenty red hairs throughout his hair.  It just seemed like the funnest way to spend this weekend was by celebrating with the Dutch.

Our dinner consisted of red foods:  Mexican Lasagna, homemade salsa, red juice, strawberries, and red peanut butter cookies.
These cookies did not end up being nice and puffy like I hoped.  They were flat, but good.

We had the sister missionaries here for dinner so we forced them to participate with us.  We played pin the freckle on the redhead and then we did a photo shoot with facial hair.  It was silly.

He does not appreciate his freckles but I LOVE them.  Cutest freckly face I've seen

Devil horns
If I owned Anne of Green Gables, I'd end my night by watching it.  That would be the perfect way to end the celebration.  

Instead, I was lucky enough to catch a rainbow outside before bedtime.  It's been awhile since I've seen one and it made me so happy.  That, and watching Piperleigh cheerfully playing in the rain with her "Doggy" made the day a success.  My mom said my grandma always wanted my mom to have redheads but my mom used to pray that she wouldn't.  It skipped a generation but I'm so glad I got them!  I love my little redheads.  They make life so fun!  (I can't wait to see if Will and Isaac will have red beards like their dad)


Kaitlin Lanham said...

I love this! We actually found out that Kathrynne has some red in her hair too. Go figure. It isn't much but I wouldn't mind it being more on the red/auburn side of things. You have cute red heads. I love them very much.

Jess Clark said...

Hmmm... looks as though you let Will wear a bra over his eyes in the picture w/ the Sister Missionaries. Odd. Really odd. Didn't think you'd allow that, dear sister.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Kaitlin, Will has a lot of red in his hair as well. It's fun to have redheads. I love the color of Eli's hair, it's so dark, not a bright red.

Jess, that's pretty funny. I actually thought it looked like flies eyes and wondered if anyone else thought he looked funny. No bra, just a sleeping mask. That would be awkward with the sister missionaries!