Sunday, September 14, 2014

Playing in the yard

Mike and the boys went outside to play soccer today.  It's a Sunday and soccer isn't something we normal do on a Sunday but the kids haven't seen a ton of Mike this week because of an assignment that took a lot of his time and it has been really hot and humid this month except for the last two days so we decided that it would be ok to kick the ball around for a bit.  I was able to take a few pictures.  A lot of them did not end up as focused and crisp as I'd like but some of them did.
This one is blurry but look at that crazy red beard!
 We love having a yard big enough and flat enough to play soccer.  I looked at a lot of houses before we decided on this one and a large portion of them had crazy steep yards.  Knoxville is a very hilly place.  Our yard is not flat but it isn't too bad.

 Piper spent a lot of the game keeping herself protected in this plastic netting.

 I wish this picture were in focus because it's so funny.  She's got a funny pose here.

 This one is also not in focus but I wanted to share her cute curls.  Her hair appears to be like mine was when I was little.  And I love that hair color!

 Piper has been getting bloody noses.  It's very sad.  Just before this picture we had stopped some bleeding and then right after it started again and bled for awhile.  It was a little traumatic for her and I'm hoping her dress isn't ruined.

 Darn mosquito eating her forehead.  I didn't notice it until I looked at the picture later.
 From my backyard

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