Saturday, August 09, 2014

Tubing, Ijams, and moving into the new house

Last Tuesday was our last day in the Smoky Mountains.  The boys had their hearts set on tubing down the river.  I had thought that maybe while the boys and Mike went down the river I'd just hang out with Piper at the pick up spot and let her play in the water.  When we got to the place to rent our tubes though, the owner said that Piper would be fine going down the river too as long as I held her and she had a life jacket on.  I didn't really want to go.  My last and only other experience tubing was on the Provo River and about a quarter of the way down my tube popped.  I got bruises and scrapes from the rocks and my very kind sister offered to let me sit in her tube with her.  It wasn't the best experience, especially since I've always had a pretty generous fear of the water.  Anyway, Mike convinced me to go.  I hadn't even dressed for it I--was in jean shorts and a shirt.  I'm sure I looked pretty funny to the other tubers.  Piper did pretty well considering that it took way longer than expected and it was her nap time.  She was a little scared but overall did well.  The boys did fantastic.  There was one time where Piper and I, Eli, and Mike, all got a little ahead of the other two boys.  I was the furthest ahead and I couldn't see the other two anywhere so I got myself to the side and waited for Mike and Eli to catch up and then sent Mike back to get the boys.  Will had gotten stuck on some rocks and Isaac noticed he wasn't coming so he went back to rescue him.  I was so relieved when they finally came around the corner and I could see them again.  

A little more than half-way through there was a spot that was pretty deep (15 feet) and the boys got out and jumped from the tall rocks.  It made me super nervous to see them jumping into the water from that high.  They definitely did not get their water bravery from me.  

The only other hiccup was when I got to the pick-up spot.  It appeared from around a corner and when I saw the sign I looked ahead of me to see Eli a ways past it.  Piper was on my lap and Isaac was just ahead of me.  I got over to the side, as did Isaac, and then we called for Eli.  I told him to get over to the side and Mike would come get him.  He started to get worried and asked two people in another group if they could help him get over to the rocks.  They told him it might be too hard and he started to cry, imagining himself going far down the river and getting lost.  One of the ladies felt bad for him and jumped out of her tube and walked against the current to help him back, while Mike went to retrieve him.  I really wasn't sure what to do.  I had Piper and couldn't really leave her but also couldn't leave Eli to keep going further away.  Isaac helped me call for Eli and started to get out of his tube and go get him when Mike showed up.  I was really grateful for Eli having the courage and intelligence to ask for help and that they had sympathy on him and were willing to help him.  

All in all, I wish I hadn't gone.  It was fun to see the boys have so much fun and the water was warm enough, shallow enough (in most places), and calm enough that I really wasn't too fearful but having Piper to worry about, not being properly dressed, and then worrying about the boys, was all a little much for me.  It really wasn't very fun for me.  I think had it just been me and Mike it could have been a pretty pleasant experience.  But the boys had fun!  

Wednesday morning we got up and packed the car again and checked out of the cabin.  The kids and I went to throw the garbage in the dumpster while Mike locked the cabin and we were disappointed when he called on the walkie-talkie to tell us that he saw a bear!  We were all hoping to catch a glimpse so we were sad we missed it.  Apparently, it came out of the woods on the side of our cabin.  

We drove to Knoxville and had a few hours to kill before we could check into our hotel so we grabbed some lunch and then we went to check out a nature center called Ijams.  We wanted to do the short mile hike/river walk.  It was nasty hot and muggy.  I really don't know if I am going to get used to it.  It was a beautiful walk though and the boys enjoyed looking for frogs in the mossy pond by the visitors center.  They were also impressed by the huge dragon flies (which reminds me, one even landed right on Mike's knee the day before when we were tubing!).  Just when I thought I couldn't handle the humidity anymore it started to sprinkle.  It only lasted a few minutes though.

How would you like to have a house in this setting?!  Beautiful!

I don't think you can see it but Eli's shorts completely ripped open.  His undies were totally exposed.  I kept thinking, "I see London. I see France. I see Eli's underpants."  I'm so mature, I know.  :)

they were so excited to see a lizard!

The day ended with swimming at the hotel, a walk-through on the house (more on that later), and scouts for Isaac (his first time!).  The following morning we checked out of the hotel and went to the closing for our house.  The boys went to the bishop's house where his 15 year old daughter watched them and Mike and I went to sign all the papers while the bishop's wife came to the house to accept our things from the moving truck (they showed up an hour and a half early) so that we could get them.  If we were not there to accept it we would not be able to get our things until the 18th so we are so grateful that Cally was willing to come to our house and direct things until we got back from the closing.  It's been a busy few days and we have spent so much money to get groceries, school supplies, organization materials, etc. and we still have so much more to do but we are making progress and I hope we can get everything settled soon.

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Papa Doc said...

I'm glad you are in the house. Apparently you now have internet. :) The places look really beautiful. All the pictures are great but I especially love the lone one of Eli on the road.