Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things I love about my new house

We are in the house and trying to dig out of all the mess.  We had a fair amount of things damaged in the move.  So far we have discovered that Piper's crib was broken, every bookshelf we own was damaged or had pieces lost, and a large pantry we put all of my craft supplies in was completely damaged.  This house is the same size as our last but we are down a room and storage room.  We had five rooms and a storage and play room in our last room (yes, we were spoiled).  This house has four rooms and a bonus room.  So right now my biggest challenge is trying to figure out how to merge the storage room and play room from our last room into the bonus room and the guest and craft rooms from the last house into the fourth room here.  Will is bummed because he wanted to have his own room but for now he will need to stay in with his brothers and then maybe later he can take over the craft/guest room.  One of my strengths is not organization or systems, even though I try and have gotten better, so this is a challenge for me.  I think it's a good challenge because I dream of being organized and this will force me to use my space more wisely and efficiently.  In the meantime, I no longer have a pantry to put all my little knick-knacks so they are all over the floor with no place to go and it is so overwhelming to me that I work for a few minutes and then just walk back out--another weakness of mine.  I wish I was better at seeing the big picture and breaking it down.  I don't have a big enough closet or pantry now to put it all in so I have to think of a better solution.  

The other thing that I am struggling with is the mosquitoes.  I've written about it on the blog but they are everywhere and we are all suffering from itchy bites.  Mike says he is going to go into the forest behind our house and establish a bat house so they can eat all the bugs.  I'm actually in support of that!  

It's been rainy here and foggy.  I am hopeful it will be sunny again soon but I really don't know what to expect.  It appears that sunny skies here are not the same as sunny skies in Colorado.  There the sky is crisp and blue and here it is hazy.  I miss the sunny skies in the morning and great evening storms that roll in and then roll back out.  

That said, this house is really nice and I'm super excited about having it organized and decorated.  I think I will love it.  The owners broke the contract and didn't clean it like they were supposed to and I debated throwing a fit about it because I get so annoyed moving into a dirty home after I just scrubbed the one I left.  But, honestly, it wasn't worth being rude about.  I just learned my lesson and the next house we buy will have in the contract that it needs to be professionally cleaned and they will need to provide receipts proving it was done.  

So, those are the negatives.  And here are the positives.  I thought I'd take pictures of the things about my house I love.  I will take more as I go along but for now, here are a few.  

I love this little pergala.  It's so fun!  Like a tiny secret garden feel in my backyard.
 The owners left four tomato plants!  We already harvested two ripe tomatoes and I'm so excited to have a garden again.  We tried and were unsuccessful growing a garden in Colorado.  The growing season there is so short and the hail does major damage and you have to water them so much we finally just gave up.
 I have cute window boxes!  I also have three empty ones that sit on the deck railing and I think I'll fill them with herbs.
 Our backyard isn't huge, but coming from our Colorado backyard it's gigantic to us!  The boys got tired of waiting for us to get the trampoline up so they started putting it together themselves.  Best present Santa has ever given us!  These kids have made great use of this trampoline.  There is plenty of space for it in our backyard.
 We have hummingbirds and cardinals in our yard as well as other birds.  The boys named the cardinal they saw "the Eli bird" because of it's red feathers.

 The owners also left their basketball hoop, a present Santa was going to bring for Christmas but now won't need to.  The boys are very excited about it.
 I really like the little shelves that sit over the window in the kitchen.  I probably won't put much up there but it's nice to have them.  And, the light fixtures in this house are much nicer than the ones in the last.
 My neighbor Bonnie was telling me about how pineapples are a symbol of friendship and welcoming in the South.  I had never heard of this before but when I moved here we found this fun plaque outside the house by the front door!  What a fun little welcome to the south!
Well, there are some things I love about my house so far.  Also, I've never lived in a house with new carpet or even nice carpet that I can remember--ever.  This house has nice, new carpet on the stairs and downstairs and I love that!  It feels so soft on my feet and looks so nice!  Such a simple thing but it makes me feel so spoiled.


Ammon said...

I love your new house? Can you please post a video tutorial so I can se everything in your new house once you are all settled and you have all the boxes put away with all your stuff Please.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Your yard looks amazing. I am so excited for you. Happy decorating!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Ammon, when I get things hung and put away, I will do a video walk-through just for you! Then you can feel like you are with us!

Kristi, you should come visit! You know, because it's only five hours away and you don't have a lot of things going on, right?! lol