Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Piper is adjusting

It's been a month since we left our home in Colorado.  I miss it.  All of it.  My friends, the school, the weather, the house, the ward, the routine, etc.  I can't believe it's been a month.  So much has happened in that month.  I feel like we have just been going and going to try and get our lives settled.  We drove across the country, had a forced (but fun!) family vacation in the mountains, moved into our new house, organized that new house (for the most part), had a baptism, started a new school, and got callings (TBA later).  Mike also started school last week and his schedule so far is not terrible but it is new and we are trying to figure out a new schedule.  We are both holding our breath for when it gets stressful and enjoying the time before that happens.  

Piper is doing ok.  On the whole I believe she is doing amazing but there are little clues here and there that she is still adjusting.  She hasn't had a history of being a good sleeper of course but over the last eight months or so, maybe even longer, she has been doing really well and you wouldn't be able to know she ever had a sleeping issue.  She still is kind of off and on about sleeping at other people's houses (sometimes she does great and others she doesn't) and she still does not believe in sleeping in the car but mostly, when it's time for nap or bed it is fairly easy to get her to sleep.  I just get her blanket, read her a book or two, sing her a song, say her bedtime prayers if it's bedtime, kiss her goodnight and go out of her room.  She goes to bed happy and without any crying at all.  Lately though she is having a really hard time.  She acts as though she is afraid to be left in her room alone.  She keeps pointing to the door and saying, "I wan this" but I cannot figure out what "this" is.  She just cries and cries.  It's so sad.  I'm hoping I can get her room painted soon and her decorations up on her wall so she can have her room feel familiar.  I don't plan on changing much of anything about her room from the room in Colorado.  I am hoping that seeing the mobile again and the light blue wall and the same pictures will help her to feel comfortable and at peace again.  

I feel sad for her really.  She has seen so many changes in her short little life.  If you consider the fact that six months after she was born her daddy left for a few months, then her mom had surgery and random people kept having to get her in and out of bed and bathe her and take care of her, then her beloved dog died, then we move her across the country to a new home, and finally, her buddy Eli who she is used to seeing every single day is suddenly gone at school all day, she really has had to adjust and deal with a lot of little changes.  I love her and she is such a fun, joyful baby and I hope she can adjust to this move quickly.  I am amazed at how well she has done and I hope sleeping will not be a scary thing for her again soon.  

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