Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Driving to school

The elementary school is about three miles from our house.  The bus comes at 7 AM, much too early for us so we drive the boys to school each morning.  Every morning I wish I had my camera with me.  This morning I remembered to bring it.  Mike drove and I snapped pictures from my window.  Here is what we see in Tennessee each morning on the way to school (oh, and some other pictures that got out of order of things I get to see every morning, not just when I take the kids to school!):

 We have the most interesting looking birds in our yard.  This is the least colorful bird we've seen.  We have seen blue, black and white, red, and yellow birds besides the normal brown ones.  They are abundant in the forest behind the fence.  I love their chirping and happy sounds.  If it weren't for the mosquitoes I'd spend all morning out on the deck just listening to them.

ignore the nasty bug splatters from the windshield.  Our car needs a washing after our drive from Colorado.

This is the view from directly across the street from the school.  

Tennessee might not have nice crisp, bright blue skies but the smokiness definitely makes everything look mysterious and beautiful in the mornings!


The Duke said...

I would love to come out there and find new things to see. These are beautiful.

Michelle- A look at our lovely life said...

These pics are gorgeous!! Dying to come see them myself sometime.