Sunday, August 17, 2014

A special weekend

It's been a great weekend here at our house.  We've been in the house a week and two days now.  There is still a lot to do but we've made so much progress.  Besides all the organizing and unpacking, we finished the first week of school, and had a baptism.  We've been busy!  Thursday afternoon Dave and Tana (my brother and his wife) and their two kids came.  They showed up and almost the first thing David said was, "Need help with the trampoline?"  They also helped us paint the living room.  It was awesome to have them come.  They drove all the way from D.C. to be here to help us with the house and also to be here for Isaac's baptism.  

"Let me brush your hair!"

 On Friday Steve and Carol (Mom and Dad Richards) and Jessie (Mike's sister) and two of her kids drove down from Maryland.  Like Dave and Tana they got right to work.  Dave and Steve helped Mike finish getting the microwave put in.  It was a pain and took a lot more work than Mike anticipated.  He ended up having to take down part of the backsplash in the kitchen.  We all had dinner and then walked down to the park while Mike and Steve went to pick up the Lego movie for the kids to watch.
 The kids had so much fun together playing video games, jumping on the trampoline, playing sardines, and forcing Dave to play laser tag with them.
Laser tag

 Saturday we worked some more.  Dave, Tana and Carol taped the dining room in preparation for me to paint tomorrow.  Mike and Steve worked in the garage, organizing and making room for the vehicles, food storage, bikes, etc.  They also bought and assembled a bench and hooks for our backpack and coat drop-off.  Jessie, Carol and I went to pick up some refreshments for the baptism and were on the look-out for a desk and bulletin board for our homework station in the family room.  We didn't purchase one but found some good options.  Tana and Dave held down the fort here at the house while kids slept and played.

At 2 we all got ready for the baptism and were surprised and thankful to find the gym fill up with people from the new ward, most we had only met once or twice before.  Isaac's sweet teacher and her husband were there as well as two members of the Primary Presidency and their families.  The Bishop's wife, also my new visiting teacher, played the piano for us and the Second counselor in the bishopric and his wife also attended.  A friend from Isaac's class also came with his brother and mom.  My other visiting teacher and her family came as well as the sister missionaries and Elders.  It was really so sweet of so many people to come and support Isaac on this special day.  Isaac's teacher is the sweetest old lady.  She must be in her seventies at least and she has the sweetest spirit and the kindest heart.  She gave him a gift and greeted him with the biggest hug.  Last week he got a card in the mail from her telling him how much she loved him already and how happy she was to have him in her class.  I love her already.
 Isaac asked Will and Eli to say the prayers, Dave and Grandpa Richards to be the witnesses, Mike to baptize him, and Grandma Richards to give the talk.  He was nervous but so excited.  At the end of the day he said, "I'm sad today is over.  I wish I could have a baptism every day...or at least every eight years!"
 Isaac has such a strong moral compass and he helps keep us all on the right path.  I love his sensitive spirit and the way he always tries to do what is right or correct his behavior when he realizes he has done something wrong.  He is such a good example to his brothers and I just love him so much.  I'm really so proud and happy of his choice to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost.

My favorite picture of the day!  Love these happy faces

 After the baptism and pictures we all changed and went to dinner.  We chose Golden Corral and it was the perfect choice for that many kids.  Everyone was happy and not a single complaint!  It helps that they filled their faces with pizza, ice cream, and cotton candy.

Isaac enjoyed the hot wings at dinner!
It was a perfect day.  We already miss all our visitors!  We are so happy and thankful that we have been within a days drive from family since we lived in Ohio.  I am so thankful that everyone came to share this important day with our family and so grateful for all the help we received with the house.  I already feel so much more at peace about all the stuff I still have to do knowing that we got so much done already.


chelsey said...

Love everything about this post! Happy things went so well for you all. Isaacs teacher sounds like the perfect teacher! Glad you had family come visit too!!

The Duke said...

It looks like the weekend was a lot of fun. I'm glad you got the help from some family members. Isaac sure looks handsome. I'm really proud of him and I'm so happy that he had a wonderful experience.