Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1st day of school--4th, 3rd, and 1st grade

I've been posting a lot lately, which is funny because I have so much to do!  We just have a lot to document!  Kids started school yesterday.  School here starts 30 min. earlier at 7:45 and even though it's just 30 min. earlier it seems so early to me.

Will's teacher seems a bit stern and not overly friendly.  She barely even said anything to him when he went to the teacher meet and greet and that makes me a little worried.  He is so easy going though that it probably won't matter too much to him--his first grade teacher was really horrible, always yelling and saying mean things to the kids, and Will took it all in stride and didn't seem to be bothered too much.  That said, his last two years he has had teachers that were incredible and so eager to teach and love and encourage and he just thrived.  He said after school, "She seems strict but nice and I think that will be good for me actually."  Such a sweet boy.  I do think that she can really help him keep on task and help him remember to be more detailed and such so I hope it will be a good fit for him.

Isaac and Eli's teachers seem really friendly.  They are both really young and Isaac's teacher is a newby.  You can tell that she is ready to start her first year teaching and Eli's teacher is this cute, tiny little thing and I think you could probably confuse her for one of the kids.  :)  They both say they love their teachers.

Isaac did say that he is worried about who he can be friends with because everyone around him was taking the Lord's name in vain and one kid even said "sexy" (which my boys think is one of the worst swear words you can say for some reason) in reference to his playdough sculpture.  I am happy that Isaac is so innocent and good and has an understanding of what is right and wrong and it allowed us to have a great conversation after school as well as at Family Home Evening about first impressions and how you need to get to know someone to really know what they are like.  We were able to talk about appearances and how things aren't always what they seem and were able to share experiences we've had where we thought someone would be a terrible friend because they were rough around the edges or had bad language and how we ended up really seeing them as wonderful individuals and friends.  We also explained that the Holy Ghost will prompt us to know when someone is perhaps not a safe individual to spend our time around.  I think this will be a growing experience for our boys because they were really sheltered in Colorado where the majority of their classmates and neighbors were Christian and conservative.  I also think that this is an opportunity for them to learn to be grateful for the home they grow up in, which is one where both parents are involved and love them and protect them.  They are so abundantly blessed both spiritually and materially and have so many opportunities open to them that I think going to school and meeting people that are not as blessed as they are might really open their eyes to how so many people live.  I hope they can find some really great, strong friends who have similar values even if they don't have the same beliefs and I hope the boys can be good examples to their friends.

The only other thing I can think of to mention is that this school has a large population of poor students attending.  So much so that when I asked one of the teachers about hot lunch, I was informed that this year every student for the entire year will receive free breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast will be served in the classroom from 7:35-7:50.  School starts at 7:45, as mentioned, and I drop the kids off around 7:35 so every morning when they get to school they will walk into the classroom to a hot breakfast.  I have some thoughts on the issue but mainly I am sad that our society is such that something so simple as breakfast at the family table is now being taken over by the school.  That's all for now.  I have other thoughts but this post is not really about politics and my feelings on the family and community involvement.  That can be saved for another time.  Anyway, crazy.  I fed my kids breakfast this morning and told them if they were still hungry and wanted something that was being served, they could have some.  I also sent them to school with a packed lunch.

Getting school supplies together.  Piper wanted in on the action

This boy inherited his dad's crazy hair and it just refuses to lay flat

Eli loves his spiky backpack--like a dinosaur and he loves dinosaurs

Piper wanted to do her work. She will draw and draw and draw.

She wanted to be just like her brothers and carried this lunchbox around as her backpack.  When we went to get lunchboxes she found a big pink one and she put it over her shoulder and screamed if you tried to take it away.  She kept saying, "My backpack."

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