Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ober Gatlinburg provides Isaac with the best birthday ever!

Today is Isaac's birthday!  He has been counting down the days.  We started the day with opening presents, which was a treat for him because usually Dad is at work and he makes us wait until he gets home in the evening.  Today, since we are on vacation and Dad is home, we got to open them right away.

After presents we loaded everyone up in the car and drove to Ober Gatlinburg for a fun day of playing.  There was something for everyone to enjoy including Piper and the only thing anyone was unhappy with was that Eli had to ride down with an adult.  We got there at a great time when hardly anyone was there so we didn't have to wait in lines or anything.  
Piper liked the Alpine Slide

Look at those pony tails!  I love them.  She is my little bug.

The boys went down these slides over and over and over

proof that she does sleep sometimes
We stayed for five hours and the kids were hungry and Piper hadn't gotten a nap and she was exhausted.  I was sad the ride wasn't longer so she could sleep in the car longer.  For dinner we stopped at Pizza hut and found a cake at a small grocery store in town.

licking all the cake from his fork

The boys wanted to swim tonight too but by the time we got home it was only 74 degrees and so we convinced them to wait until tomorrow.  Mike and Isaac played Mindcraft on the computer and then the boys played Twister.  Isaac ended his birthday with the spank train.  It was an awesome day for all of us and Eli ended the evening by saying in our family prayer, "Thanks for Isaac having a birthday so we could have so much fun today."  I agree!  I'm happy we were able to celebrate his birthday by having such a fun time together.  We loved Ober Gatlinburg!

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