Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Photos

(These pictures are all mixed up)  The boys wanted to go to Helen Hunt Falls the last day we were in Colorado.  Our house was empty anyway so it seemed like a good day to go.  I tried to get a few more family pictures but wasn't really any more successful this time than last.  As mentioned, we also visited the grave.  Piper always likes to steal things off of other headstones and we always have to make sure we return them to the proper places.  This last time she found a dog.  It was pretty cute to watch her love on that dog.  

The drive was pretty good.  I also briefly mentioned that we made the drive in a few days.  We stopped at my sister's house and stayed the night and then stayed for breakfast and lunch.  We went to the park and played outside for a few hours.  The boys and her kids get along really well.

We stopped at hotels the following days and let the boys swim.  Mike and I didn't want to have to try and call each other on the cell phones so we bought walkie-talkies for easy communication.  That was a fun thing for the boys that took a bit of practice for them to figure out.  We only drove about six hours a day and that led to a much happy, more pleasant trip for all of us.  Piper did really well even though she usually only slept about 30 to 45 minutes each day. We split up the kids into the two cars and that also helped everyone get along well and made it easier for us to drive without having to help kids get drinks or movies or snacks etc.  

The view from our cabin

Isaac wanted to give Laila bunny ears.

Piper stole the dog off of the grave behind her

The look she gave us when we told her she had to put it back

What are they looking at?  Uncle Jess says it was probably him without a shirt on.  He..He..

Piper had awesome bed-head 

pretty cecily

silly boys with their cousin Gabe

Lindsey and Cecily

Lindsey and Cecily (Eva was in changing into "fashionable clothes")

seconds after this photo lightening and thunder crashed around us and the heavens opened and poured down rain.  It reflected how I felt

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