Saturday, July 19, 2014

Isaac's Open House

Isaac has been going to baptisms for friends the last couple of months.  He commented to me that he was disappointed that when he gets baptized he won't know anyone (although, Grandma and Grandpa Richards are coming!!) and that he won't get to share his special day with his friends and family.  Mike and I discussed it and decided that we would have an open house for him so he could invite friends over to celebrate with him in making the decision to get baptized.  Also, we think it will be good to do all the fun celebrating and then we can just focus on his baptism.  

We printed out pictures of Isaac from birth until now and put them on the wall.  
 Then we had him answer some questions about his favorite things.
 We also included his testimony:  "I have a testimony that our church is true and that God is real, and that we can be with our families forever.  This is my testimony."
 Then we served eight of his favorite treats.  Isaac will eat almost anything so we have a very diverse spread.  Piper was happy he chose some sour gummies and she thought the bowl should belong to her.  I kept moving it away from her and then coming back and finding it right in front of her face again.

Isaac's treats were:
General Tso's chicken
Bacon wrapped smokies
Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie bites
Grasshopper Poke cake
Jalepeno Cheetos, Sour Gummies, and Butterfinger bites
Chocolate Raspberry Brownies
Pizza bites
 I was really touched by the support he received today.  When I asked him who he wanted to come he had a good list of friends, church teachers, and Home teachers.  So many people came to congratulate him on his choice to be baptized.  He was really excited when his teacher from this past year came! (and she even brought her mom who had just flown in from Arkansas this morning! )
 Isaac had some friends come too--some girls from church (Katie Frost and her mom and Lizzy Newby and her family) and some friends from school (Conner Holtz and his parents and Brad Binns--Brad is also a member but he is in a different ward).

 We also had some other friends from the ward come with their kids--the Tuslers, Newby's Randalls, Johnson's, and Brother Felix, who is one of our Home Teachers.

 He also had this special lady show up.  Ginger has been a great friend and mentor to Isaac these past few years.
We really appreciated all the support our friends gave Isaac today.  He also appreciated the words of advice for his Baptism day (as well as the gifts!).  We wish our family lived close enough to share this special day with Isaac as well but we are so thankful for the friends that have treated us like family these past three years.  Now we are excited for his baptism and for him to take this step towards becoming an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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The Duke said...

It looks like Isaac had a wonderful day! Having the open house was genius. He won't forget all these great people and memories you are helping to create. I really wish we could have been there.