Sunday, June 22, 2014

Part of the Utah trip

We just got back from a trip to Utah.  Mike has a two week training at Hill Air Force Base and since we are moving East we thought it would be a great time to visit family before we leave.  There is a lot to still do before we leave so we decided that the kids and I would only stay for a week while Mike stayed both weeks.  The first half of the week we spent at my sister's house but the pictures from that visit are on Mike's laptop in Utah so I only have these pictures to post for now and I'll have to load the others when Mike gets back.  

The kids had such a great time.  At my sister's house we built a fire in the fire pit, played outside, went to a museum in Lehi, rode Sarah's horse, and pretty much just enjoyed being near family.  On Saturday we drove down to Mom and Dad's house for a family get-together with more of my family.  

Mike's training started on Monday so we drove up to Fruit Heights on Sunday night and stayed the rest of the week at my brother's house.  The week was pretty chill and relaxed, just what I like.  The boys had such a good time with their cousins.  I really love how well they get along with all of their cousins.  

 Piper didn't really warm up to anyone until the end of the week.  Jess's girls tried so hard and were so persistent in trying to make her like them.  They were so patient with her sourness.  In Piper's defense, she did get three teeth the week we were there and had another one trying hard to poke through.
 The boys loved having people to play sports with them.  They played basketball, four square and soccer.

 There was a lot of this too:
 On Wednesday we went to Abby's Championship baseball game.  She had to play a game and if they won, play the final championship game.  She won!!
Lauren and Leah 

Abby, asking "Coach" a question--Jess was one of her coaches

 Jess and Jen put up a sheet and we watched a movie outside.  The boys were so excited and they have been quoting Little Rascal lines ever since.

 We were happy that Mom, Dad, Brendan (my brother Jason's son is visiting), and Ammon could come up to the game and see us.
 On Friday Jen took us on a short hike near their house.  The kids all loved exploring the cave and playing in the mud from the rain two days prior.

That night we got a babysitter and went out to dinner with some of my siblings.  It was such a pleasant evening and I'm so grateful I like my siblings.  I wish the rest of my siblings and my parents could have some as well but it was nice to be there with some of them.  Chances are that we will not be back to Utah for at least the three years we are in Tennessee and probably even longer depending on where we are stationed after Tennessee.  It makes me sad that the kids will not get to see their cousins for so long.  I hope they can build strong enough bonds with their cousins to allow them to remain friends even after so many years.  

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Papa Doc said...

What fun it was to have you here in this area. I love little Piper and the boys. It was nice to talk with Mike at the ball game during the week. Your whole family is great including Mom. I will miss you all greatly. Wish I could come to Tennessee to see you.
Dad Clark