Monday, June 02, 2014

First week of summer in review

We move in about a month and a half so we are trying to make sure that we get in all the playing we can before we have to move to a new place where things are unfamiliar.  We sat down with the boys and asked them what things they wanted to make sure we do before we move and we are trying to do a few of them each week.  It's only been one week of summer break and so far things have been going well.  We decided not to put up the pool this year and instead hope we tag along with our friends when they go to their neighborhood pool.  Instead, we just got a slip-n-slide so the boys can keep cool.  

 When they get done playing outside they come in and help us with various house jobs.  We are trying to get the house ready to be rented so each day we look at our list and try to cross one more thing off.  The Elders in our area are begging for service hours so this week they offered to come and help us get some things done.  The boys helped us do some touch-up painting last week.  We are getting new carpet so it didn't really matter if they spilled, but they didn't.  They actually were very careful and saved us a lot of time by helping.
Each day the boys have to practice piano, do a chore, read, and exercise.  Will doesn't take any prodding to get him to read.  He likes to go outside and pop open the camping chair in some shade while he reads.

 One of the places the kids wanted to make sure and go to before we moved was Palmer Park.  It's a park with a playground and some great climbing rocks and trails.  The view of the city is spectacular from up there.  We went on a somewhat cloudy day so I didn't get a really clear view of the city.  We took our kites and flew kites and then climbed the rocks.

 We found a heart on our hike.  Sometimes we see hearts in the most random things and places and it always makes us smile and think of Laila.  It's like a message from her that she is with us.  I had to take a picture of this heart rock.

 Piper found a crater with mud.  She loved flinging mud at us all.

 My beautiful Colorado Springs!
We are going to miss this beautiful city and the proximity to trails and and stunning views.

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Kresta Wright said...

how fun and wow, your crew is just so grown up!