Thursday, May 29, 2014


I was reading a blog recently and the author posted a link to a website where you could buy these silhouettes.  I am not generally a fan of this lady's style but when I saw these silhouettes, I loved them.  Also, I've never really been that drawn to the whole silhouette trend.  But these were fantastic and unique and I wanted them!  The website was selling a large one for around $105 and I really didn't need or want something that big and also wasn't about to spend that much for one.  Think of the money for seven!  I sent Mike the link and told him that I really liked these and wasn't it sad that I'd have to save my money for so many months if I decided to buy them?  He responded with, "You could make them."  I responded with, "Funny boy."  Really though, make them myself?  What a crazy idea.  I played with the idea for a few hours and then after his continued reassurance that I really could make them myself, I went and bought a scroll saw. I've never used a scroll saw.  Well, maybe once at my great-uncle's woodworking shop.  But I can't remember if I actually used it or if he just showed it to me.  Anyway, I bought a scroll saw and got to work.  
 It was annoying at first to figure out how to get the blade in and out but finally I felt comfortable enough.  I practiced a few times on some scrap wood and then just decided I ought to just do it.
I am very pleased with the finished product.  I had bought some stain that looked pretty dark but when I put it on, it ended up being very light, maybe a shade darker than the wood and I didn't want that.  So I had to resand the boy's silhouettes and then buy a darker stain.  

 I love them and I'm so excited to hang them on my wall but I think I'm going to wait until I get to Tennessee.  I'm very thankful to Mike for putting the idea in my head.  He is always telling me I can do things and it really means a lot to me that he has so much confidence in me that I can be successful at something I've never tried before.  What a fun new skill/hobby to have that I never would have learned or tried if it wasn't for him!


The Duke said...

I absolutely love these! You can definitely tell who is who.... so beautifully done.
You are a lot more talented than you think.

Our little family said...

I love yours! So I was pretty sure I knew what blog you were referring to so I had to go look at past posts until I found them, and I have to say, I think hers are hideous! I love the ones on the website, and I love yours, but I can't stand the colored ones she got. So anyway, I think yours are better and now I really want to go buy a scroll saw and do them myself! Where did you get the wood for yours?

Mike and Adrianne said...

Kim, I bought mine at Hobby Lobby already cut. You could buy some wood at Home Depot and cut them yourself but then you would probably need a router for the edge and I don't have one. They are pretty cheap at Hobby Lobby and have other sizes and shapes.