Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I learn

I have written about this before I think but yesterday I was reminded of it again and thought I'd write it down here again just in case I haven't written it down.

When I drop the boys off at school I am always struck at how their personalities come out.  They each approach the same situation so differently.

Will gets out of the van with his backpack unzipped and half the time papers are spilling out.  If his hands aren't clasped around a book they are shoved in his pockets.  He has a smile on his face and he just looks around him, taking in the day, watching the other kids walk past.  If he sees a friend he falls into step with them and slowly and leisurely makes his way to class.  The fact that we might be running a few minutes late and that he might be tardy doesn't really have any effect on his rush to get in.  His shirt is untucked and his shoes untied.  

Isaac get out of the van and sometimes he will race Eli in but other times he just walks in.  His face is focused and determined.  He knows where he needs to be and he gets there without allowing people or things to distract him.  His backpack is zipped, his shoes are tied, his shirt tucked in.  He is also happy but his happiness comes from being ready and prepared to face the tasks of his day.

Eli doesn't just get out of the van.  Eli explodes from the van.  The door opens and he hits the pavement running.  His jacket flies behind him and his arms wave crazily above his head while he yells, "Awwwww."  I always imagine he is running into a flock of birds to chase them away.  His laughter echos through the school yard as he runs to class.

I can't help but smile as I watch them each going to class in their very own individual way.  I love and appreciate how each of them attacks life and tasks in a different way.  I love that Will enjoys the moment.  He doesn't get bogged down with what has to get done.  He takes his time, allowing himself to enjoy the little things.  I love how Isaac has a plan.  He knows what needs to be done and he happily does it.  He finds happiness in being dependable.  His focus and determination make me so happy.  I love how Eli attacks life with passion and feeling.  If you have an open field to run in, why wouldn't you take the chance to run in it?  And if you are running, why not run with your arms flailing about you and happily screaming as you go?  His feelings just come seeping out of him and it rubs off on all those around him.

I love these boys of mine.  I love the way their strengths combine to fill our home with goodness.  I love how I learn so much from watching the way they approach situations and life.  I learn about peace and about not letting myself be so anxious about the things I need to do from Will.  I learn from him to slow down and enjoy life.  I learn from Isaac that an organized, clear plan makes life happy.  I learn that as I prioritize and focus on a goal, I can accomplish great things.  From Eli I learn to feel.  I learn that I am here to live this life and I ought to embrace it with energy and feeling.

I am so lucky to have these children in my home.

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The Duke said...

The last paragraph is amazing!
Beautifully written!