Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The cute girl in our home

 Piper has been difficult for me lately.  It is funny to say that because I think that's what I've been saying since she was born.  She has not been an easy child for me, much like her brothers before her though.  She is a very high-maintenance girl who requires a lot from me and it is draining.  But I love her happy face and sweet cuddles.  Sometimes when I reflect on the difficulties my children have been as babies and toddlers for me I think about how far I've come as a mother and think that I must have had a lot of rough edges that needed smoothing that could only happen with being a mother to these children with such strong personalities.  They sure make my life full (and frustrating at times, yes).

She bit me on Sunday and then when I told her "No" she hit me.  Sigh.  I didn't think we had reached the biting stage yet.  I hope it was a one-time experience.  Probably not but she hasn't done it since.  She regularly hits her brothers.  More like pushes them away.  They try to do a song and dance for her every morning to make her happy and she will have none of it.  They frequently ask me why she doesn't like them.  It's not them.  It's me.  She likes me and wants only me most of the time.

Piperleigh is on a delayed schedule for shots.  She is supposed to have her 15 month shots (we are already a month and a half late for those) but every time I go to get them she gets sick and then when she gets better I just can't bring myself to go to the doctor and make her be uncomfortable again.  I just need to do it and get it over with!  She has done ok with shots so far so I really shouldn't dread it so much.  She pretty much hates it but gets over it quickly (as long as they give her a sucker!) and hasn't had any adverse reactions so far.
Piper is such a girly-girl.  She loves jewelry and pretty things.  She always bring me her shoes saying "shus".  I haven't gotten her to appreciate headbands quite yet.  She will tolerate them ok but they never last on her head long.
She walks around the house still looking for Diamond calling, "Dah-Dah" not to be confused with "Dad".  She loves animals of any kind and gets this super happy smile on her face.  She is also trying to say food which sounds like, "Foo" and she has been saying "Yeh" for yes and no.  When she wants something she will say "Yeh" in a happy tone and when she doesn't want it she says the same word but with a definite shake of her head.

She would have a book in her hand all day if she could.  She loves to just sit and look at the pictures.  Here she is giving her book a hug.  She also regularly drags her blanket around with her anywhere I let her have it.  Her other recent love is drawing.  She knows where we keep our crayons and markers and brings them to me throughout the day so I'll get her paper.  She just sits and scribbles.

Piper loves music.  Her current favorite song is Best Day of my Life by American Authors.  The second it comes on she starts singing, "Uh, Uh, Uh" and the boys giggle and giggle.  She also loves to be outside and makes a bee-line for the door anytime she thinks she can make an escape.
Piper pretty much loves blueberries and loves climbing.  I went to change my clothes after church and came downstairs to find her sitting on the table with a container of blueberries on her lap.

It is so fun to see her grow and learn.  I can't believe she will go to Nursery in a few months.  We love her so much.  

**Today is Eli's birthday!  I will do a post devoted to him and his birthday activities later.  

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Jess Clark said...

The picture of her in front of that blue ball is a red-headed version of you!