Saturday, March 15, 2014

We are just moving right along

 This has been a good week for us.  Last Saturday we took the boys to the miniature golf course right by our house.  We pass by it multiple times a day since it is on the way to school and every day they ask when they can go again.  Before we left I had to take an impromptu photo shoot of the one we all adore.  She is so stinking cute. (Mike took the piano one thought)

 Piper is such a girl.  It is so weird after having three boys to see how innate some of her girl personality traits are.
 Mike has so much cheese in his cheese cave--90lbs!  He decided to give smoking some of his cheese another try.  We haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it tastes good or not.  He has been making huge blocks of cheese and this coming week we are leaving to Kentucky so he can go do a cheese internship type thing.  He is really looking forward to learning how to make even better cheese.

 This week has been both cold and nice and sunny.  The first part of the week we had 70 degree weather and then the next day we had snow and a lot of wind.  But then in Colorado style, the sun came out the next day and melted all the snow.  It's been in the 40's and 50's since then.  I had a bad headache for a few days so I decided to take a caffeine pill to try and knock it out once and for all.  It kept me up all night and I was so exhausted the next day.  Eli was so cute and told me I should take a nap and he would be ok while I slept.  I rarely take naps so it was so nice to get a little nap.  When I woke up I found him in the back yard playing with his dinosaurs.  I had to take pictures because he was being so cute.  Here they are ready to attack:
 It got his eye!
 He got them back with his stick.  Take that!
 Piper threw her sippy cup on the ground and she was just lucky enough to have it land in between the nasty dog poop.  It's been winter and snowy so we haven't been making the boys clean the poop in the yard.  But now that spring is here and we will probably only have a few more snow storms for the season they have to clean the mess up.
 She is fearless and loves the slide and just throws herself down.
 Yesterday was Will's birthday.  He woke up to cinnamon rolls and sausage links.  He was excited to get to use his birthday plate for the first time.  Mike and I had a date a few months ago where we bought plates and decorated  one for each of our birthdays.
 He loved all the presents he got and appreciated all the phone calls.  He had a fun day at school.  He got to wear his normal clothes instead of his uniform because he has a jump-a-thon.  Then I showed up with a birthday snack and later his teacher proclaimed it was a game day because both Will and his friend Collin had birthdays the same day and their class had been working hard on state testing all week.  After school his best friend got to come home and play.
 For dinner he requested Dions pizza and then we went swimming, a favorite activity for all the boys.

 Will wanted to show off some of his new gifts:  a webkinz cat that grandpa chose and a snitch locket/watch, also from grandpa and grandpa.  He's been making bracelets that he and his friend are selling at school so he was excited to get some rubber bands and a loom.
 He also loved his crocodile from us.  Each of his brothers have a gigantic stuffed animal that they love and Will was so excited to have one of his own finally.
 He requested an ice cream cake again--he usually asks for it each year.

It's been a great week and this coming week is a busy one as we will be trying to tie up all our loose ends before Spring Break.  I always hate preparing for a long trip but I'm really looking forward to getting away with Mike and the kids.  Also, we get to drive down to Tennessee and scope out some neighborhoods for the upcoming move and I'm excited about that.  Mostly, I'm happy that the kids will get to see the town we are moving too and maybe that will help us make the move a smoother transition.

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