Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The beginning of our trip to Kentucky

Mike asked me a few months ago how I would feel about him going to Kentucky to participate in a cheese internship of some sort.  I figured he was supposed to be deployed and gone for five months so I could handle him being gone for a week.  As time got closer he indicated that he would like us to come with him.  I wasn't really sure what we would all do while he was gone every day but then I realized that Huber Heights (where we lived in Ohio) was only two hours away and I thought it might be a great opportunity for me to see my friend Kristi and her girls.

I knew that this week was going to be a cold week in Kentucky, nothing like the 80 degrees we enjoyed in Vegas on our last Spring Break,.  but we would be together and get to experience another state we haven't ever been to (we've driven through but that doesn't count).  Also, we decided we would drive down to Tennessee, attend a ward in the area we think we might end up in, and scope out the town.

The trip out here was a long one and I think overall, the kids did amazing.  The boys are really good travelers and I don't really need to worry about them.  Piper had a harder time.  In the two days of driving she only slept just over two hours (45 min the first day and about an hour and a half the second).  She choked on some crackers the first day and we had to pull over and get her out and do some quick swiping of her mouth and get all the darn crackers out that she inhaled.  The second day our van wouldn't start.  Thankfully we were at my sister's house and were able to jump start the car.  Saturday was our long day of driving and it was rough on all of us.  By Sunday the kids had all had enough of being in the car so our great idea of driving the two and a half hours down to Tennessee wasn't as good an idea as we had thought.  They had a hard time and just wanted to get out and run and play.  We stopped at a park after Sacrament meeting so we could eat our sandwiches and let the kids run around.  None of us were watching Piper the way we should have.  Mike and I were talking about something on one end of the playground and Will walked off with Piper to the other side.  All the sudden we heard Will yell, "Piper no!" and we looked to see her walking directly under Isaac's swing.  Mike took off running after her but was too late and Isaac came down and hit Piper in the head.  She went flying across the ground and her face got all bloody and scratched up.

Yesterday we were supposed to drive to Cincinnati to meet our friends at the aquarium but they ended up getting sick.  We were sad to miss them since we don't know when we will get to see them again and the kids were bummed about the aquarium but they were all grateful not to be stuck in the car for another long drive.  Mike left early for his cheese internship so the kids and I were on our own all day.  I looked online and found a fun place called Kids Place that is basically an indoor play place with rock walls and rope ladders and ball pits.  Kids still have school this week in Knoxville so the boys had free reign of the place and absolutely loved it.  I paid a crazy amount of money for hot dogs and corn dogs, and a slushy and then they just played hard for two hours straight. Even Piper had a good time.

After, we came home and Piper napped and the boys played the computer and watched some TV.  After Piper's nap we found a park nearby and the boys played for another two hours.  They collected shells at the lake and Piper followed the ducks around.

Mike came home just after 9 PM.  Mike was pleased to discover that his cheese making abilities aren't too much off from the professional cheese maker here.  He had a great time making cheese and tasting cheese and talking cheese with the owner and his employees.  He also went to Cincinnati with the professional cheese maker who was presenting at some food convention where there were other chefs and food vendors.  He loved it.  I'm really happy he gets to have this experience.  He is always so supportive of me and encouraging me to try new things and it is definitely his time to get to work on his hobby.

Today we went to a chocolate factory and had a tour of the factory.  We have a few other fun things planned for the week and hopefully it will warm up a little (it is snowing today) so we can get outside.  I especially want to go see the Kentucky Horse Park but that will only be fun if it is warm enough to be outside.

Anyway, I'm glad we came.  There have been some not so fun things about this trip but overall, it's best that we can be together and I like that the boys can remember these trips and the different experiences we've had visiting different states.  Also, I'm reminded of how blessed we are.  I'm really thankful that we can afford to go on these trips together.
Chocolate seemed to ease her suffering from being forced to stay in her carseat so long.  But boy did she make a mess!


Jess Clark said...

Did you get a new camera or have those photo classes paid off already? I'm already seeing an improvement in your photos.

Jess Clark said...
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Mike and Adrianne said...

Jess, I think it is a little of both actually. We did get a new camera--a Nikon D5300--and I am trying to practice my picture taking skills more. I haven't really taken any of the "meaty" photography classes yet though. I am planning on taking a DSLR one this coming month and I think that will help me a lot. Then a lightroom class and then if there is time before we move a portrait class. It's been fun. Funny that I have to take a class to learn something you already do very well.

Jess Clark said...

I wish I could take a class with you! I would really love the official training and the forced practice.

Since you have a Nikon, we could share lenses! Now, if you'd hurry up and purchase the 12-24mm lens, I'll be over to borrow it. The only lens I've purchased so far is the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens and it's great.