Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Kentucky

Playing Ticket to Ride
 This has been a good vacation for our family.  We haven't really done anything unique really and the weather hasn't been great (it snowed on Tuesday and has been cloudy and in the 40's) but it has been relaxing and easy paced for us.  Mike has been waking up at 5:30 Kentucky time and the kids and I have been waking up at 6:30 Colorado time.  I didn't really want to have to deal with Piper waking up super early once we got back (6:30 is early enough) so I've kept all the kids on our normal schedule, which means they go to bed when it is 9:30/10 PM here and then since Mike has to get up so early, we go to bed as soon as the kids do.  So, I've gotten more sleep this week than I have in probably three years.  It's been so nice.  The first day was a full day for Mike and since then it's been a shorter day, allowing him to come home before noon and then we have the rest of the day to spend together as a family, and to the rest of us it is really more like 10 when he gets home, we are ready for a full day of playing!

While Piper naps we play board games or the boys play Mine Craft on the kindle or the computer.  I brought three of the boy's favorite games:  Ticket to Ride, Quelf Jr., and Telestrations.  They love when we all sit around and play a board game with them and Spring Break is the perfect time to do that.

Yesterday we took the boys to a science museum called the Emporium.  I ran out of batteries in the camera so I only got a few pictures at the water table and the Lego room.  They had fun stations to play at as well as an art room and a bubble room.

The boys and Mike worked on a huge Lego tower

 That evening we went for a drive in the country to check out the horse farms.  The country is beautiful with all the rolling hills and animals dotting the land.  We even got to see a few baby cows and horses.

 One farm had a practice race track for the horses.

pure joy

she loves animals

 Today we went to Keeneland Horse Farm.  It was pretty cool to see the track and the horses.

Tonight the kids and I are just hanging out here at the house and hopefully Piper will leave my side long enough to let me get some packing done.  Mike is headed to Dayton right now to visit a family he used to Home Teach.  Mike has kept in contact with them since we moved and the husband is dying of cancer so we figured since we are so close he ought to try and make it up to see him.

Tomorrow we head home.  It's such a long drive and I am dreading it.  It's been a good trip and I'm glad we came and I'll be happy to be home as well.  Mostly Piper makes the drive difficult (I wish she slept in the car) but I bought some toys, brought some books and bubbles, and she has some Baby Einstein to keep her happy.  Hopefully the drive will pass quickly.

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The Duke said...

Yeah! You found my dream horse farm with white fences!
I'm glad you've had a nice vacation. Good luck tomorrow.