Saturday, March 08, 2014

Chopped Date

Mike and I are pretty boring.  Our dates are usually pretty normal and boring too.  But this time I wanted us to live on the wild side.  We decided to have a chopped date.  Have you seen chopped on TV?  I believe the basic idea of the show is that chefs get random and crazy ingredients they are expected to cook with and make some spectacular food from.  Then they get judged and the loser gets chopped.  There are a few rounds and each round is a different theme.  Actually, I've only watched the show once or twice and it may be different than I remember.  Anyway, we decided to do something similar.  We called a few people who came up with six random ingredients we had to incorporate into our recipe. We only chose to do one round--dessert.  Our ingredients were:  Cinnamon, White Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter, Lemon, Gummy Worms, and Phyllo dough.  We had to choose four of the six ingredients and come up with a winning dish.

Mike stretches gummy bears (we chose gummy bears instead of gummy worms because we didn't want sour ones and they only had sour gummy worms.  

I made peanut butter sauce

Mike microwaved his gummy bears so he could mold and stretch the candy into squares.

I decided to make a brownie.  Not very creative.  I made a peanut butter sauce on the bottom and then I put a brownie (with a Rollo cooked in the center of the brownie) on top of the sauce.  I then rolled out the phyllo dough and put some peanut butter sauce and cinnamon chips inside and cooked it, cut it into squares and then drizzle white chocolate on top.

 Mike made Nachos.  Much more creative than my lame brownie.  He heated some gummy bears and molded or drizzled it over his phyllo "chips."  He also made a peanut butter sauce that he used to make look like refried beans.  Then he made "tomatoes," "sour cream," "jalapenos," and "nacho cheese" with the gummy bears and the white chocolate.  His chips were seasoned with cinnamon.  It looked awesome...and gross.

 It even stretched like cheese.
 We enlisted the help of the boys to judge our desserts.  They had a hard time deciding if Mike's nachos were real or not.  When Will noticed they smelled like peanut butter he decided they were worth a try.
 The winner:  We are boring and also not competitive.  And the boys felt bad claiming a clear winner.  Eli chose Me.  Will chose Mike.  Isacc wrote on his paper "Mom+Dad."  We told them we needed a winner so they did eenie meenie minie moe (how the heck do you spell that phrase?!) and found Mike to be the winner.

If anyone wants to try, we'd love to see what you all come up with using those ingredients.

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The Duke said...

I've got to submit your names to Chopped because you guys would come up winners! That is absolutely awesome. Adrianne, your dessert looked heavenly and I'm quite sure it tasted heavenly as well. (I would vote for yours.) Mike's -- well, I'd have to try it because it kind of scared me to look at it - but scared me into laughter. His was definitely creative and did look like nachos (sort of).
What a great, wonderful idea for a date! Do it again. I can come up with some real interesting items.