Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last week

We always have so much going on and so much to post and not enough time to do it.  So this is another catch-up post with lots of pictures.

Mike's birthday was nice.  Mike likes to be home so I didn't plan anything for his birthday besides a quiet night at home with the boys.  The boys had a snow day so we spent the day making a huge glittery banner and then they put a laser gun outside on the garage steps with a note challenging him to a game.  They all hid when he got home in strategic spots and had a rowdy laser tag game.  

Mike started getting sick on his birthday and got worse as the week went on.  I got a very mild version of what he had but we both had cold symptoms and I ended up throwing up one night.  Mike only had mild tummy issues but ended up getting pneumonia!  Poor guy.  He is doing so much better now.
We also worked on Valentine's boxes.  Isaac was supposed to bring his box in to decorate at school but there have been a lot of things scheduled and rescheduled and I messed up the days and forgot to send his box in on the right day.  He got to sit and watch his classmates decorate their boxes (sigh) and now we get to do his at home.  That is on the schedule for tonight.  These boys are so fun and creative.  Eli was insistent that his box be a red-eyed poisonous frog.  With spots.  And flies (on the forehead and tongue).
Will has been working hard on his pinewood derby car.  He did all of it on his own that he could.  There were some things Mike had to help with but he did the majority of the designing, cutting, painting, etc.  He will probably not do well at the race because the wheels are all jacked up.  Mike took it into work and tried to fix the wheels but it didn't work so probably Will's car will be pretty slow.  We talked about how he probably wouldn't win and that it was ok and he said, "Of course I won't win.  This is my first year.  I don't expect to win."

He really wanted a red car and flames but when they went to find the paint they couldn't find what they wanted so he decided on metallic blue and a lightening bolt.
The boys have all been taking piano lessons for a month now.  They are so interested in it and practice every day before school.  I hope they keep being interested in it and I think they might because both Mike and I love music and hopefully they will inherit our love for music.
This sweet girl has been healthy this week!!  She is always sick and when she is healthy she is the most fun and silly girl ever.  We just love her.  She is really such a smart little girl, learning so many things lately.  She says "ba-ba" for Diamond and is just communicating pretty well for someone her age.  She still doesn't eat well or sleep well but when she is healthy, not sleeping doesn't seem to effect her happiness too much so I don't mind.  It's only when she is sick and then she is pretty difficult to deal with.  So we are loving her happy smiles this week.

I found her in the bathroom with the door closed.  When I opened the door, I found this:  
I have a lot more to post but not enough time so I'll have to finish with more pictures tomorrow or tonight.

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