Saturday, February 22, 2014

Immigration Day, Valentines Day, RSV, Tennessee

Isaac had immigration day at school.  He had to dress up like an immigrant and bring in food to share for a potluck.  He wanted to be a wealthy immigrant and we made English scones.  Then just before school got out the second graders put on a concert.  Piper, Eli, and I went to the school and watched him sing with his class and he was super cute but so embarrassed and tried really hard not to smile.  I tried pulling silly faces at him to get a reaction but he was determined not to smile.  
 Valentines Day was bittersweet.  Mike and I went to the viewing of Ashleigh Cox and that was difficult.  But we came home and spent the remainder of the evening with the kids, eating fondue.  They enjoyed that a lot.  I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not but they all wore red!

 Mike bought me this adorable book of paintings from one of my favorite artists.  I've been eyeing her stuff for awhile now.  Her work is just cute and fun and I really enjoy it.  I decided to try my hand at copying her.  It turned out well I think.  I don't know how to use watercolors and I need a lot more practice.  I have used other mediums but I've only done watercolors once in my ninth grade art class and can't remember anything really.  I wish I had the creativity to do things like this on my own but truthfully, I don't and I don't have the skill yet either.  One day it would be fun to take some art classes and develop my own style and produce my own work.  But until then I'll just copy away.

Piperleigh has RSV.  It's so sad.  She has had a fever at least once a month since she was born.  She is sick more often than she is healthy.  I feel like I'm a much better mom to her than I was to Isaac when he was sick all the time.  I wish I could reverse time and do it over for him.  I am just much more patient and have more realistic expectations.  Plus, I don't have another little baby running around this time so things are easier.  That said, I do feel sorry for her and sorry for myself.  It's not been easy to have a sick baby all the time.  I wish things were different.  I wish I could take her to the park or go to the gym or other fun things.  Though, I anticipate that she will be my last and that being the case I appreciate the opportunities I have to sit with her and cuddle with her.  Perhaps if she were healthy all the time I'd miss out on those opportunities because when she is healthy she is a very busy baby and I imagine chances to just sit and cuddle with her would be few and far between.

Mike is leaving for Tennessee tomorrow.  Eli is sick now (cough, stuffy nose, earache) and I am not feeling well either so we are going to ditch church and keep Piper away from all the other little babies at church.  I am feeling slightly worried about Mike leaving just because Piper has been waking up a lot at night and I am not feeling well either so it might be a long few days.  This will be a good visit for him though, giving him the opportunity to really see where his mind is in regards to what PhD he wants to get and where we should move.  I'm interested to see how it goes and know if it helps us move any closer towards a decision.

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