Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Academy, not Kuwait

Today is the day that Mike was supposed to leave to Kuwait.  Instead, he woke up early and got ready for work and then came and knelt down next to me.  I woke up long enough to listen to him pray for us and then kissed him goodbye for the day and said, "Have a good day, Honey.  I'll see you tonight."  Best phrase ever.  I'll see you tonight.  So much better than, "I'll see you in five and a half months."  So much better than a teary goodbye.

(just a side note that has nothing to do with this post:  usually, Mike wakes me up around 6:30 when he is ready to go and I get up for the day and shower before the kids wake up for school.  But it's a holiday and there is no need for rushing so I tried to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep.)

So many reasons make me grateful that Mike is coming home tonight.  That really goes without saying.  We all just feel so happy to know that he is not leaving us anymore.  Piper in particular is going through a phase of starry-eyed love for her father and I'm pretty sure she would feel lost without him.  He walks out of the room and she cries.  She hears his voice and drops everything to go find him.  She calls him from the other room.  She just loves him.  I worried how she would do with him gone and I'm glad I don't have to find out.

Mike is happy to be making cheese again.  He stopped for awhile so we could use our Saturday's being together as a family and getting projects done around the house that needed to be done before he left.  He missed his cheese making and I'm glad he doesn't have to wait so many months to get back to doing what he enjoys.

The boys are happy he is home to jump on the trampoline with them (I can't with my knee) and play rowdy games of laser tag outside with the guns Santa brought.  And also, they get to take piano lessons now, which seems exciting and interesting to them now and I hope continues even after they realize they have to practice.  Before I had just decided we wouldn't do anything extra while Mike was gone because I didn't think I could add more to my plate.  But now I think we can try piano lessons and see how it goes.

As for myself, if I wrote all the reasons I was happy he was staying I'd be sitting here typing for a long, long time.  But I am thankful.  Very thankful to have him here with me.  I'm happy I have a relationship with him that makes me happy to have him around.

I am happy to be starting our New Year together as a family instead of thousands of miles apart.

Our New Years Eve party consisted of a game of Ticket to Ride, popping balloons with coins and a picture from each month of our year inside them, and a bedtime of 8:30.  We are party animals. (Mike and I went to bed around 10)


Michelle said...
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Kresta Wirght said...

3 cheers!! yay!

Frances said...

Wonderful news! That was the sweetest post.