Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Tonight we read Santa Claustrophobia.  It's a fun book that the boys loved.  It's a book about Santa being afraid of going down the chimney so his therapist tells him to take a vacation.  While gone, all his friends (cupid, the Easter Bunny, etc) try to take over but fail miserably.  Santa comes back just in time all refreshed and ready to go down the chimney again.  For our short activity the boys made snowflakes.  I was pretty impressed with their work.  They did need a little help with cutting but did the majority of it on their own.  


The Duke said...

They need to teach me how to make them. Those are pretty remarkable.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I know right? We had to show them how to fold the papers and they they drew designs and cut theirs out--Eli had some small designs so he did need a little help with some of his but they caught on really fast. Then today, they were all doing more! I was really impressed.