Friday, December 06, 2013

Snow days and gifts

This morning we have another snow day.  It's more a cold day instead of a snow day--we didn't get an enormous amount of snow.  But it is so cold here.  I drove home from a church thing last night and it was negative 4 degrees.  Usually I get up at 6:30 and take a shower before all the kiddos wake up for school but since we have no school I got to sleep in until 6:45 when Piper was making noise in the next room.  I brought her into my bed and we snuggled and she giggled when I buried my face in her neck.  I like snuggling with my babies.

Tonight is our annual Christ-Centered Christmas Dinner.  I'm excited but also have a lot to do to prepare.  I'll post details later.  But that is what we are up to today--cooking, decorating tables, wrapping presents for the families we invited (we invited two this year).  I have to brave the cold again with all four kids.  It wasn't fun yesterday but we survived.  Something about a snow day makes the boys kind of nutso.  I'm hoping for a better trip out in public today or I'll fire them along with the tooth fairy (who did finally make it to our house by the way).

Last night I was at a Relief Society program for church so Mike did our book and activity with the boys.  They read Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and then Mike turned on the song and they listened to the song while they read the book.  Then, Mike helped them all choose gifts for each other (thank heavens for Amazon Prime and their two-day shipping!).  Another quick, easy activity that the boys love.

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