Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Sitting, Camels (but not sitting camels), and the naughty tooth-fairy

I didn't have time to post yesterday so I'm just getting to it this morning.  I probably won't have time to post tonight or tomorrow, or any of the days this week actually.  Our nights this week are packed full.  But I'll do my best to get our advent activities posted at some point, whether it be at night or the next morning.  

Yesterday I spent a quiet morning sitting by the tree wrapping the books for our Christmas book tradition.  Piper was napping and I had already dropped the boys off at school, showered, and read my scriptures.  The house was quiet and I was happy to be sitting on the floor.  I know that sounds silly but these days I'm happy to sit on the floor.  It's not easy for me to get down and up but it's possible.  It hurts to sit Indian style and I cannot kneel, haven't knelt since the accident actually.  But I can get on the floor now and that is taking big steps.  Anyway, I sat by the tree and felt happy.  I wrapped books and felt happy that I can do fun things for my kids again.  I like being able to take care of my family again.  Ask me in a few weeks when Mike is gone and taking care of everyone is entirely my responsibility and I might have different thoughts.  But for now, it's wonderful being able to take care of my family again and not being so focused on my recovery.
Eli came home before I got all the wrapping done (25 books is a lot of books to wrap!) so I put all my mess away and got lunch for him and Piper.  The weatherman said that we were due for a huge storm with temperatures plummeting into the single digits and lots of snow (they were wrong again--the temps did plummet but we only got a skiff of snow).  I decided since we only had one day left of nice weather for awhile that we should go to the park and enjoy the beautiful day.  

Eli can't swing these days without singing Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.  It's a part of his swinging experience.  He sings it while at recess on the swings and the older kids stop and listen to him.  The song is memorized and he just sings and swings away

The sun was really bright

Tuesdays are always rushed.  I get the boys from school and we rush through homework and dinner time so that Mike and Will can go to scouts.  So our Christmas activities have to be quick and easy on Tuesday nights.  Our book was Humphrey's First Christmas.  The book itself is kind of silly but the illustrations are really great.  It's about a silly camel who lost his blanket and throws a fit until he gets a new one.  He is part of the caravan of the Three Wise Men and when he meets the Baby Jesus he forgets how much he wants his blanket and gives it to Jesus instead.  For our activity we colored camels and cut them out and folded them.  Nothing too stressful.  Isaac was kind of mad for some reason and refused to get in our picture.
And finally, the tooth fairy has been a disappointment in our house lately.  Two days ago Will lost a tooth and the tooth fairy failed to come get his tooth and leave money.  She did remember the next night but then Isaac lost a tooth.  His first!  We were all so excited for him and cheered and clapped at the breakfast table when he took a bite, his eyes got big, and he pulled out his tooth.  I was glad it finally came out because it had turned grey and was just being so stubborn wanting to stay forever in his mouth.  I thought I was going to have to call the dentist to get it pulled.  He was so excited about his first lost tooth and I was sure the tooth fairy would come through for him, especially for his first lost tooth that he had waited 7 1/2 years to lose.  But alas, she didn't make an appearance for his tooth either.  I hope she comes tonight or I might have to fire her!


The Duke said...

Wonderful post! I love your ideas. We fired out tooth fairy several times but she always came back begging to be re-hired. :)

chelsey said...

Love the post! Glad you're getting around easier and able to see some real improvement in your knee. And I like the sound of that book. I'll have to look for that one. Sounds like one Jake might like.