Thursday, December 05, 2013

Putting up our Nativity

Last night we read Room for a Little One--a favorite of mine.  It's about the animals in the stable.  I love it, the pictures are beautiful and I love the sweet message.  For our activity we put up the Nativity.  

Today school was canceled because the temps aren't supposed to reach higher than 3 degrees.  Isaac has an appointment and I have some shopping to do for our Christ-Centered dinner that is this weekend.  That means I get to bundle all the kiddos up and brave the cold.  I'll just channel my inner Mandy (Mike's sister in North Dakota) and pretend I'm a winter hardy individual (which I'm not).  I always like no school days though.  It just makes life slower.  Even though our days start just as early (my kids don't EVER sleep in.  Piper was even up before six today), it's nice to just be home and not have to worry about making lunches and driving back and forth to school.  


The Duke said...

That's a beautiful nativity set. Where did you get it?

Mike said...

Mom, our Nativity set came from some friends in the ward. They doorbell ditched a new piece of the Nativity each night.