Monday, December 02, 2013

Day Two: Our Tree

Day two of our advent was reading The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever.  Two friends go looking for the biggest Christmas tree ever and then enlist the help of their families to help carry the tree to the town square and decorate the tree.  So tonight we all helped put up the tree and decorated.  The boys just overflow with excitement, which I love.  The tree looks pretty interesting and normally I'd go behind the boys after they went to bed and rearrange things but this year I think I'll just leave them.  For some reason this year all the decorating seems daunting to me and so I haven't really been looking forward to getting everything out.  Which is why the boys are so good for me--they always keep things moving forward as they should.  Their excitement rubs off on me.  This year is going to be fun and frustrating with Piper.  It's been a long time since I've had a toddler near a Christmas tree.  She is fascinated by the lights and especially drawn to all the fake berries on my garland.  The boys all made sure to put the ornaments that couldn't be broken towards the bottom of the tree, knowing Piper is going to pull them off a billion times a day.  It's so fun to have kids in the house at Christmas time.  I will miss this when they are old and gone.

Do you see all those Dinosaurs?  I think we have like six of them on our tree.  Each year the boys choose an ornament someone always ends up choosing another dinosaur.

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The Duke said...

I haven't seen a picture of your drapes and they are really nice! When did you replace them?

It is totally different when the kids are gone. I liked your statement when you said the boys spur you on to do things. Some days I don't have a lot of motivation to keep traditions going. I remember feeling sad when my Grandma and Grandpa Allen got one of those little ugly silver trees - it was small and easy to set up so they stopped putting up a green tree. It just didn't seem the same when we went to their house at Christmastime after that.

Enjoy the kids while they are home.