Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas fun continues

It's been a few days so now I have to play catch-up which always results in a long post.  On Thursday we read Snowmen at Christmas.  While we read the boys enjoyed a hot chocolate bar.  They love hot chocolate and would eat it every day if I let them.  I generally only let them have hot chocolate when they've come in from playing on a snowy day or around Christmas so it is always a treat for them.

Friday we went to the Broadmoor, which is a fancy hotel in Colorado Springs.  They had carolers which added to the Christmas atmosphere.  We went and saw the gigantic gingerbread house on display and then took a walk around the pond.  It wasn't nearly as cool as going to Temple Square but at least it was lit up with pretty white and pink lights and the pond was mostly frozen with ducks and swans floating in the non-frozen part.  It was pretty and the night wasn't frigid, which was a plus.

Earlier in the day the boys had an early out day so I picked up the boys and we headed to the park.  When we got there we noticed that the huge hill was still pretty snowy and no one was there to get in our way so we hurried home and got our sled and came back.  The boys had such a great time.  I actually have never taken them sledding.  I don't particularly like sledding and I always feel anxious about an accident happening.  But it just seemed like a good time to try seeing how there was no one to get in the way and the temperatures were in the 50's so it wasn't too cold.  I think their first time sledding was a success.  I'm glad they got to go because once Mike is gone I don't foresee myself ever taking them by myself.  

Saturday we read Santa's Suit and then we went on a Christmas lights scavenger hunt.  Everyone had a great time except Eli who was struck with a case of extreme thirst and couldn't think of anything other than how thirsty he was--plus, we had kept the boys up the last few nights and I think it finally got the best of him.
And finally, tonight we read The Christmas Penguin and then we played Christmas Charades.  The boys were surprisingly good at it.

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