Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eight years of family pictures

I started this blog in 2005, when Will was about three months.  Mostly, this blog is for documenting our family.  I keep my own journal but this blog serves as a family journal of sorts.  I print off the blog and make books out of them so we have a hard copy.  I just finished getting 2011 done so I'm almost caught up.  Each time I do a blog book I like to put a picture of our family on the book for that year and it's been fun to go back and see how our family has grown.  We have successfully had a least one picture of us taken each year.  We did have some pictures taken at a studio when Will was first born and then again when Isaac was first born but we never got those pictures on our computer--just got the hard copy and I haven't scanned them into our computer.  So for interests sake, I thought it would be fun to post all our family pictures.  2010 is the only year we do not have a family picture.  We have billions of pictures of the boys that year and one of me and the boys and then one of us all swimming but there is only one picture the entire year of us all in the same picture.

2005, Utah

2005, Oklahoma

2006, Oklahoma

2007, taken in Utah

2007, Oklahoma

2008, Oklahoma

2008, Oklahoma

2009, Oklahoma (moving day)

2009, Ohio

2009, Ohio


2010, (the only picture of us all in a picture.  swimming on vacation in Virginia)

2011, taken in Utah

2011, taken in Utah

2012, Colorado

2012, Colorado

So now it is almost 2014 and we have no pictures of us in 2014.  I better get on that.


Marcy said...

That is fun to see how a family evolves!

The Duke said...

What a cute family. It is fun to see how they have all grown up. Love you all!

Michelle said...

Great pictures. I really enjoyed going through all of them. Lots of memories.

Lindsay Bryson said...

Very sweet :-)