Sunday, October 06, 2013

Not a coincidence

Last week Isaac got put in "refocus" at school.  He was talking too much and after a few warnings was told to go to the hallway and "refocus."  I know Isaac well enough to know that his little heart was completely devastated by this punishment.  I can imagine his embarrassment at being called out in front of his classmates and the disappointment he felt at displeasing his teacher.  He has never had to go to refocus and he was worried, not sure what to do once he got in the hallway.  He was only in the hall for about two minutes. And in those two minutes, a miracle occurred for Isaac.  As he sat in the hallway crying who of all people would just happen to walk by?  His best friend and older brother, Will.  Will was coming back from music and saw Isaac in the hallway crying.  He stopped by Isaac and asked what was wrong.  When Isaac told him that he had gotten in trouble for talking Will gently told Isaac, "That's ok Isaac.  We all get put in refocus at one point or another."  Then Will showed Isaac how to fill out the refocus paper and went to catch up with the rest of his class.  As I asked Isaac about this experience he told me that Will came by and made him feel better, "just like he always does."

I've had some things on my mind lately.  Things that I've prayed about intently.  I've needed some answers that only my Father in Heaven can answer for me.  And many of these questions remain unanswered and I've found this to be hard for my impatient personality.  Why hasn't he answered me?  Am I missing something? Does he care?

But last week Isaac came home and told me he was in refocus and suddenly I had an "Ah ha" moment.  Knowing Isaac so well, I know what a deep disappointment this was for him.  And I know that Heavenly Father knew this as well.  He knew exactly how Isaac was feeling and even though to everyone else, refocus isn't that big a deal, it was to Isaac.  And I know it wasn't a coincidence that Will was walking by at just that moment.  I know that even though it was such a small thing, Isaac is not a small thing to God.  I know that he is loved and watched over and that God was taking care of him by allowing Will to be there at just the right moment to tell Isaac that it was ok.

Listening to Conference this weekend was kind of like Will walking down the hallway for me.  None of the specifics of my prayers were answered--that is still up to me to work out with help from the Spirit--but I did feel as though I was being told that I mattered and that he was aware of me and my prayers.  And I felt reminded that if God cares about Isaac being in refocus, then he also cares about the concerns of my heart and if I'm patient, the answers will come.


Jess Clark said...

Good summary and application of gospel principles in your day-to-day life. I doubt it was a coincidence, either. Ikey is lucky to have Willy-buddy-dude as a brother.

chelsey said...

Ditto to all you've said about conference this weekend. And what a teaching moment that can be for you and the boys. Will is such a good brother for looking out for Isaac.

Papa Doc said...

Wow! What a touching story. I love you all so much, and especially the tale of the feelings between those brothers. Keep up the good work, since it is obvious that you have given those boys the ability to love!

Dad Clark