Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Near Perfect Day

Today was one of those almost perfect days.  It started out with a baby shower for one of my closest friends here in Colorado.  It was a small, intimate breakfast with some of my favorite people.  When I got home I sat down and finished my lesson for tomorrow. 

Mike made cheese.  And it was good cheese.  He let me try some of the curds and it was delicious.  We are planning on bringing a giant chunk of this cheese with us to my sister's house when we visit for Thanksgiving.  
His cheese is about 15ish pounds.  

The boys just played all day.  Eli practiced riding his bike, Will played the computer, they watched Ghost Busters (the cartoon series), and they played outside.  I opened the windows and listened to their happy squeals and caught glimpses of them wrestling and bouncing on the trampoline.  They laughed together for hours.  (my favorite sound)

After a quick trip to the grocery store I got to work making a fun Halloween dinner.  I wanted to make a fun dinner to celebrate Halloween but also to let the boys know how thankful I am for all their help the last few weeks.  Will said, "How are we going to repay this?"  Melts my heart.  I told him that is the "problem" with love.  You do something for someone to show them you love them and they turn around and do something nice back to show their love and then you've got a big love cycle going on with everyone trying to "repay" each other with love.  Love-debt is the only kind of debt I like.

Our dinner tonight was inspired mostly by things off of Pinterest, so again, no real creativity on my part.  We had a mummy pizza, zombie fingers (carrots), pumpkins (oranges), and deviled egg spiders.  

one of these spiders is not like the other...

 After dinner there was just enough sun left for Mike and the boys to go running together.  Mike has been getting ready for his PT test on Monday so he has been running and doing push-ups and sit-ups.  The boys join him whenever they can.  Tonight Will and Isaac ran with him while Eli rode his bike.  Piper and I got in the van and drove to the park where we met the boys and then Mike kept running and the boys and Piper played at the park.

It's been a good day for all of us except perhaps not Piper's favorite day.  She started her day out falling down the cement step to the front door.  One of the boys had not closed the door tightly enough behind him and she tried to follow him out the door and down the step but instead fell and scraped her face and back.  Then later, her nap was delayed because she had to go with Mike and the boys to get milk for Mike's cheese.  Then she pulled the cheese heating equipment on top of her head (It isn't hot--just a bulky metal thing that would hurt if it fell on you).  And to top it all off, she's getting her fifth tooth.

Thankfully, Piperleigh loves the park.  She loves the swings the most and squeals with delight when someone pushes her.  She also likes the slide and discovered sand tonight and I may or may not find some sand in her diaper tomorrow...Her day didn't start well but I think it ended on a happy note.

Mike met us back at the park after his run and we came home and ate monster donuts and warm apple cider.
Piper looks like Isaac does now with her scrapped up face.
It was a good, happy day.  I'm happy to be walking (even if it hurts), taking care of my family again, and seeing all my children and Mike happy as well.  That's the best thing I could ask for.

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Papa Doc said...

It sounds like you did have a happy day. I loved the cute dinner and I would LOVE to taste some of Mike's cheese some day.